Our top properties of 2020 (cont.)

Every week, SoBARNES takes you on a tour of dream apartments, villas, chalets and châteaux for sale or rent. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to look back at our favourites. A purely subjective selection that takes us from Paris to New York via Saint-Tropez and St. Barts.

To give credit where it is due, this extraordinary family home available for rent in the heart of Paris is a truly unique property, discretely tucked away in the Marais district and concealing a whole other world behind its wooden door. With its trees and flowers, the paved courtyard looks like a countryside patio, complete with café chairs taken straight out of a village postcard. This 5,630 sq ft bourgeois residence is free of any interference from the outside world, with none of the noise from the city penetrating its walls. Definitely one of our top picks in 2020!

A setting worthy of Proust, in Le Marais

The year took on a decidedly Proustian flavour for SoBARNES, so let's continue our tour with a Norman property that the author of In Search of Lost Time loved. Built in 1869 on the hilltops of Trouville, the Villa des Frémonts was an endless source of inspiration for Proust, for whom it served as a model for the Verdurins’ villa, La Raspelière. Built in an L-shape on top of a hill, the property has retained its original layout, and its 17 acres of parkland that overlook both the Channel and the surrounding Norman countryside. A truly exceptional property that BARNES Deauville is proud to offer for rent.

Write your own story in Trouville, in a manor once dear to Proust

Sticking with the rental market, this time on another French coastline that inspired many artists: Saint-Tropez. Does this port and its peninsula really need any introduction? Actually, it does, for its legend began long before the days of Brigitte Bardot, with the post-Impressionists of the early 20th century led by Paul Signac. Saint-Tropez long remained a secret shared only by those ‘in the know’. But for those who know how to keep things low-key, the peninsula still has plenty of unexpected gems to offer, including these three properties available to rent through BARNES Saint-Tropez :

All hail Saint-Tropez!

Staying with the Mediterranean style but this time with a Corsican twist, this eco-friendly villa in Cala Rossa has that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes for an outstanding property.  Its deliberately graphic style blends marvellously into this legendary landscape, set between sea and mountains. You can also be on the beach in no time at all. From its roof terrace, the 360° view left us speechless. Sound like your kind of place? Then you might be interested to know that it is available for seasonal rental through BARNES Corsica.

In search of the Corsican immortelle

Since we are by the sea, let’s head for St. Barts and this exquisite villa designed and furnished by interior designer Christian Liaigre. Set on Marigot beach, this property that is as elegant as it is discreet, as understated as the old fisherman's houses of this pearl of the French West Indies, embodies a vision of luxury you simply can’t help but appreciate. BARNES Saint-Barth is delighted to have unearthed such a gem, which it now proudly presents for sale.

Hotfoot it off to St. Barts

Our journey ends in New York, where, following its earlier venture in Miami, Aston Martin is bringing its vision of high-end real estate to Manhattan. The 5 residences at 130 William will be fully furnished and decorated with fittings, textiles and accessories from the Aston Martin Home collection. In addition to their apartment, each buyer will also receive an Aston DBX specially designed for the occasion. Doesn’t get much fancier than that, does it? A bit of friendly advice, just because it's you, and to end the year on a high note: contact BARNES New York to find out more!

New York apartments by Aston Martin

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