The Unbeatable Patek Philippe

For 45 years, the Nautilus range has been sitting at the pinnacle of luxury watches worldwide. This iconic model has been meticulously updated by Patek Philippe over the years, with four new designs for men and women ready for release in 2021.

When it was launched in 1976, the Nautilus knocked everything out of the park. It was a bold move, which quickly turned out to be a masterful one for this expert watchmaker. The first eyebrow-raiser was the choice of steel for the case, considered almost heresy at the time for a luxury watch. Then there was the octagonal bezel, inspired by boat portholes with smoothed angles, which looked nothing like usual designs. What's more, it was water-resistant to 120 metres, an exceptional feature for a mass market watch. The final revelation was the combination of polished and satin finishes, which highlighted its unique shape and is now a classic. But since it's never a good idea to rest on your laurels, Patek Philippe has regularly brought out new versions of the bestselling sport watch to reflect current taste. Aficionados of the brand will fall in love with these four new Nautilus designs.

On offer will be a new sunburst olive-green dial on the flagship steel model (reference 5711/1A); an unprecedented combination of steel and baguette-cut diamonds on the 5711/1300A-001; a new take on the Travel Time Chronograph, in rose gold with a blue sunburst dial (reference 5990/1R-0010); and a venture into the world of luxury jewellery with the 71181450R-001, featuring diamonds set into the dial in small waves, embodying the classic style of the Nautilus Ladies collection.

And we'll let you in on a little secret, as we at SoBARNES are wont to do - the new luxury gemset version of the Nautilus features 2,553 brilliant-cut diamonds, set using the "snow-setting" technique. This extremely rare savoir-faire, clearly mastered by the Patek Philippe artisans, involves arranging diamonds of varying diameters seemingly randomly, to leave as little gold surface between them as possible. So, each watch set with this technique is unique!

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You will find the full list of characteristics of these four masterpieces on the Patek Philippe website.

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