The mighty Range Rover back on top

The 5th generation of Range Rover pushes the limits of luxury and automotive refinement to new heights. What Land Rover is describing as a “calm sanctuary” certainly leaves no-one in doubt about who’s the boss.

There’s Range Rover and then there’s the rest. And that’s the way it’s been for 50 years... The presentation of the 5th generation of this legend on wheels was thus somewhat of a major event, even more so given the announcement that the shift to electric is set for 2024 - just around the corner! In the meantime, fans can rest assured, the Range Rover still lets the guns do the talking with 250 to 530hp petrol and diesel engines and on-board comfort that would outshine most limousines. Be one of the first to take a look inside, with SoBARNES:

The list of fittings and options is now so long that it’s hard to imagine coming across two identical new Range Rovers! Based on a recipe that won over drivers of the previous generation, the standard wheelbase versions will be available with five seats, while the long-wheelbase model offers the choice of a 5 or 7-passenger configuration with the utmost comfort. On top of that, ahead of the all-electric engine, is the choice of two hybrid options with a 100km (62 mile) range and a top speed of 140km/h (87mph) on electric power alone. And to top it all off, an SV model that will be custom made by hand to meet all of the lucky customer’s requirements. Not to mention proverbial all-road capabilities, even though a Range Rover rarely ventures into the Burmese jungle or the Saharan dunes. It’s the real deal.

Refinement is omnipresent, including in the form of the noise-cancelling feature in the passenger compartment via a 35-speaker audio system as standard. 2 speakers in each headrest create a quiet zone equivalent to high-quality noise-cancelling headphones... A sign of the times, the new Range Rover is also equipped with a cabin air purification system that “significantly” reduces bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19! So there!

This beauty is available from €122,600 (£94,400).

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