The home of the future through the eyes of Giorgio Armani

In the light of the past two years, it is clear that the home is a changing world. In any case, this is the conclusion that guided Giorgio Armani when he set about designing the new Armani/Casa collection. SoBARNES bares the secrets.

In the wake of spring 2020, Giorgio Armani, like many of us, saw his day-to-day life change and take on unexpected directions. He has attempted to answer many questions during these recent months, in which the home environment has become the main horizon of everyday life. “We live on this planet, and we need to be in touch with the earth”, the Milan-born designer explains. “I took my inspiration for this Armani/Casa collection from Nature. Natural elements give us calm and serenity and provide the background against which we can express ourselves.”

How to rationalise spaces to find the right balance between personal activities and professional commitments? How to achieve a way of experiencing the home more intensely as an intimate place for relaxing and socialising? The result of Giorgio Armani’s reflections is this striking collection in which the furniture, objects and accessories map out different yet linked worlds, expressing all the dimensions of the concept of “living at home”.

Giorgio Armani has thought up furnishings that respond to the – essential - criteria of function, quality and elegance, with a special focus on design details that define the visual continuity between the different areas of the home.

Reference to natural elements is the leitmotiv of this collection, expressed in the form of animal print and floral fabrics and wallpapers, textures echoing stone veining, and a wide range of neutral earthy colours.

Stools, sofas, beds, tables, desks all comprise this universal collection that also includes accessories such as a men’s apron, a Go Game, and a throw that can be used as a giant chess board. But the SoBARNES favourite has to be the Royal bar, with semi-circular sides that form the legs of the piece. The style is openly linked to oriental culture, seen in the Japanese tatami-style paper and cotton covering. A limited edition available in 88 pieces.

And given the emphasis on nature, a large part of the collection is made through “intelligent” reuse of different materials or produced through traceable and certified processes. Something we greatly commend.

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