Diamonds are forever... and so is a Rolex

The new yellow gold and diamond Lady-Datejust is a prime example (as if there were any doubting it!) of Rolex’s extraordinary mastery of jewellery-making techniques applied to watch-making.

This isn’t just a watch anymore; it's a classic! This ladies’ version of the legendary Datejust created in 1945 was, in fact, launched in 1957, and just like the watch that inspired it, it has continuously evolved ever since without losing any of its aesthetic appeal or functionality. Presented by Rolex as one of the major new pieces for this spring 2021, the small 28mm case, bezel, dial and bracelet of the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust in yellow gold are all paved with diamonds.

It sounds simple enough when you put it like that, but for the dial alone the setters will have carved out, by hand, the perfect-sized pockets into which the 291 diamonds must fit. Nothing is left to chance here—the alignment of the height of the stones, their orientation and positioning, their robustness, and the consistency and aesthetics of the setting, right through to the finish of the metalwork, are all executed to an exquisite standard of craftsmanship, as is the bezel and its 44 diamonds.

This new Lady-Datejust is fitted with the 596 diamond-set President bracelet, with an invisible fastening positioned beneath the bezel to create a perfect sense of visual continuity with the case. The clasp, which opens with a hinged crown, is equally invisible, and you needn’t worry about the quality of the gold (yellow, in this case) that holds the whole thing together, either! Rolex has its own foundry, meaning that it can create new gold alloys and control the colour thereof (yellow, rose or white) based on the proportions of silver, copper, platinum or palladium added.

The case, paved with 158 diamonds, is created from a solid block of 18-carat yellow gold, its base edged with fine ribs and hermetically screwed on using a special tool, as a result of which only authorised watchmakers can access the movement (you can never be too careful!).

As for the movement itself, this Rolex boasts a Superlative Chronometer-certified self-winding manufacture calibre with a 55-hour power reserve and stop-seconds for precise time setting. First and foremost, of course, regardless of the number of diamonds it is set with, what we have here is an exquisite timepiece that is also waterproof up to 330 feet, although we’re not sure why on Earth you would want to wear such a show-piece underwater.

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