Christopher Guy, mirror mirror on the wall

You may not have known who designed them, but you’ve certainly already seen them. The Christopher Guy mirror frames have asserted their unique style, from Hollywood film sets to statement pieces in iconic hotels and homes around the world.

Who can say they’ve starred at the Bellagio and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the London Savoy and the Paris Peninsula as well as in two James Bond films incarnated by Daniel Craig (Casino Royale and Tomorrow Never Dies), Ocean's 13 and The Devil Wears Prada? No names coming to mind? The Christopher Guy mirrors and furnishings, that’s who. The brand founded by British designer Christopher Guy Harrison (1960-2020) has made a name for itself for its flamboyant and sometimes Baroque mirrors that reflect (!) their exquisite craftsmanship. Creations forged in the brand’s workshops in Java (Indonesia) covering over one million square feet with space for 1,400 craftsmen, including some of the world’s finest wood carvers.

As demonstrated by the latest addition to the collection, the Dandelion mirror in bleached mahogany with a gold leaf finish:

Christopher Guy Harrison had a clear aim in mind when he created the brand that would take his first name: designing and manufacturing contemporary furnishings that transcend traditional and cultural boundaries, with appeal to an international audience. And he clearly got something right because the top hotels and decorators instantly hailed his work, not to mention the aforementioned Hollywood blockbusters.

Following the phenomenal success of the mirror frames, this same philosophy was applied to a growing range, including this spectacular chaise longue that we just had to share:

Some commentators have speculated as to whether the brand will survive the passing of its creator at the age of just 59. Here at SoBARNES we think there’s a very good chance. Because Tomorrow Never Dies.


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