Rozelieures, single malt French whisky

With all due respect to purists, whisky is no longer the sole privilege of the Scots. As the Rozelieures distillery goes to show, with its first-class single malt hailing from midway between Nancy and Épinal.

This is the story of a family that turned their farming business in the Lorraine region into one of the spearheads of French whisky. Just a stone’s throw from the Baccarat crystal glassworks, the village of Rozelieures has made a name for itself among whisky lovers. The distillery run by the Grallet-Dupic family is set on a prime terroir at the foot of the Rozelieures volcano amidst unspoilt forests and close to numerous fresh water springs. The perfect setting for high-quality whisky.

Founded in 1877, the site was originally a tree and grain farm. Subsequent generations brought their own innovations, until Christophe Dupic and Hubert Grallet had the idea of producing whisky, inspired by a recent visit to Scotland. The first single malt (100% malted barley) was distilled at Rozelieures in 2001. An unusual trait in this trade, the Grallet-Dupic family handles all aspects of its single malt production process, from soil to glass, and is even 90% self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to its methanisation facility. Only the peat is sourced from Scotland, and more precisely Islay, renowned for the iodine and smoked flavour of its whiskies.

Five cellars for greater diversity

Rozelieures whiskies, with their round and full-bodied flavour, are aged in casks previously used for fine wines (Burgundy reds and whites, Côtes-du-Rhône, Sauternes) and spirits. With one specific characteristic: the whiskies are aged in five cellars dotted across the Lorraine and the Vosges areas, which give each blend its distinctive taste. In addition to the historic plum brandy cellar, the #SoBARNES favourite has to be the cellar nestled at the heart of the village of Rozelieures, under an orchard, in a small, damp vaulted cellar whose temperature never fluctuates. And its counterpart at Fort Pélissier, a former stronghold built on the French-German border in 1870 (possibly the best protected casks in France!).

After a slight rocky start, the brand’s products range is going strong: Rare Collection, Fumé Collection, Tourbé Collection and Subtil Collection. Since 2017, Christophe Dupic has selected only the finest casks for his Fût Unique Collection whisky. All of the whiskies are single malt, with no added food colouring, and continue to improve year on year. As attested to by the gold medals awarded in 2019 at the Paris International Agricultural Show and the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

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