Magnifica, Bulgari's flamboyant signature

Magnifica, Bulgari's latest high jewelry collection, is an extraordinary expression of the brand's expertise. Italian maestria is unequalled when it comes to combining craftsmanship and creativity.

As it's important to make an impact as the world begins to return to normal, even if it's in slow motion, Bulgari launches Magnifica, a symphony of precious stones transformed into works of art by the skilled hands of Roman jewelers. The Mediterranean Queen necklace, with its 5 oval Paraiba tourmalines totalling 500 carats, is making heads turn. As is the Imperia Spinel necklace with the dazzling depth of its 131.21-carat spinel. The 6.80-carat pigeon blood ruby in the Ruby Metamorphosis ring is also irresistible to the eye...

A stunning setting was a must for this spectacle of splendour, and Bulgari did not disappoint by choosing Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the famous baroque building that links the Duomo di Milano and La Scala:

You will have noticed Beethoven's Ode to Joy (a fitting message) used as an introduction. It is performed with particular fervour by Andrea Bocelli under the direction of young conductor Beatrice Venezi. This is followed by Magnifica (of course), by the author-composer Marco Guazzone, lead singer of STAG.

Here at SoBARNES, the experience left us stunned and speechless!

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