Chanel adds a touch of sparkle to the N°5

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of a true star, Chanel has unveiled a High Jewellery collection paying tribute to the N°5 perfume. A true masterpiece.

In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel, with the help of Ernest Beaux, invented the first “perfume for women with the scent of a woman”. From the irrefutable modernity of the fragrance to the purity of the bottle, the N°5 perfume was a revolution. Add to its success the mystery surrounding the origin of its name (*) and you get one of the most famous luxury products ever made. A century later, Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewellery Creation Studio, has imagined the “Collection N°5” comprising 123 pieces of high jewellery spearheaded by an exceptional necklace set with a 55.55-carat diamond.

A tribute embodied by Chanel in 5 (of course!) chapters that encompass the graphic design of the bottle and the sensuality of the fragrance:

Chapter 1, the bottle

Instantly recognisable, the geometric silhouette of the bottle can be seen through the lines of white diamonds, yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires cascading over sautoir necklaces, brooches and pendant earrings:

Chapter 2, the stopper

The emerald cut, the rectangular shape recalls the Place Vendôme. Exquisitely crafted from rock crystal or set with diamonds, onyx, pearls and yellow sapphires, the precious octagon is at the heart of the elegant and sophisticated graphic jewellery sets:

Chapter 3, the number

The outline of the number ‘5’ becomes one of the signatures of the collection:

Chapter 4, the flowers

At the heart of the fragrance, the jasmine, the May rose and the ylang-ylang blossom over the colourful jewellery sets. Worked in volume, the flowers retain all of their delicacy, while their appearance in the shape of the star, the moon and the sun, echo the symbols presented by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1932 platinum and diamond collection:

Chapter 5, the sillage

In order to translate the olfactive revolution that is the N°5 perfume, Chanel has imagined pieces with abstract motifs that shimmer and soften over the body like perfume:

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(*) Legend has it that Ernest Beaux presented Gabrielle Chanel with 10 samples from among which she chose number 5. When he asked what she planned to name the perfume, she replied: “I show my collections on the fifth of May, the fifth month of the year, so let's leave the number it bears, and this number five will bring it good luck”. Some might call it casting out fives!


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