Alexis Mabille's Femme-Fleurs

The presentation of Alexis Mabille's autumn-winter 21/22 couture collection in an ode to classicism won over the international press. SoBARNES takes you backstage, bouquet of flowers in hand.

The concept of the ‘femme-fleur’ could easily sound quite trite or cliché today. It might even seem sexist or unenlightened. But not in Alexis Mabille’s hands. His autumn-winter 21/22 haute couture collection, soberly titled Femme-fleur, flawlessly translates the expression in its original sense to form a bouquet of infinite grace.

From the ‘Little dress with a bouquet of white Casimir tulips and silicon flowers’ to the ‘Large cape-skirt of amaryllis red dégradé tulle, on a stem combination of multicoloured sequins’, the 21 looks openly draw upon the language of flowers. For instance, the astonishing 'flower bud' hoods, the draping of which is truly a wonder.

I worked on the concept of blossoming and renewal that we all need so much at the moment‘, explained the Lyon-based designer. We will long remember the classic elegance of the double-breasted dinner jacket in gold and matching satin, with its rosebud hood, the petunia dress with square neckline and the strapless tulle sheath embroidered with pink flowers. Not to mention the sublime boat-neck sheath shown above, for its ‘rose flower’ sleeves.

Alexis Mabille is a master, and his work is acclaimed worldwide for its precision. We tip our hat to him in typical SoBARNES fashion.

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