A night to remember at the Martinez

Cannes - What better way to celebrate the return of those 100% #SoBARNES Cannes nights than with Ohlala le Martinez.

Having first opened in 1929, the elegant Hotel Martinez has always maintained that Riviera spirit of the Roaring Twenties, and continues to do so 90 years on. Its combination of a care-free, unpretentious ambiance and elegant joie de vivre have certainly made it the most popular meeting place on La Croisette. Inspired by its Art Deco style and by the world of yachting, architect Pierre-Yves Rochon has given this iconic luxury hotel and its 409 rooms, including 99 suites, a new lease of life.

But what really interests us at #SoBARNES is what happens here after 7:30pm, when the sun casts its red hue over the Esterel and Ohlala Le Martinez really comes alive. In this 2020 take on the beach lifestyle, everyone is made to feel at home, adopting the legendary Cannes beach as their own.

As darkness falls and the stars come out to play, Baptiste C. (aka Ohlala the DJ) really works the beat to keep party-goers happy all night long... Ohlala Le Martinez combines music (which is always good for the soul) with generous sharing platters thanks to a brand-new menu offering a fresh take on long-established La Croisette traditions. Guests are free to grab a crate from the pick-up station and select their own skewers to cook on the fire pit, making Ohlala Le Martinez the perfect opportunity to share both great times and great food in good company. All with unforgettable views of one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

And because every detail counts with #SoBARNES, an important point regarding the dress code: there isn't one 😉


Until 2 September, 7:30pm to 2am.

Hotel Martinez, 73 boulevard de La Croisette, 06 400  Cannes

Tel. : +33 (0)4 93 90 12 34

Hotel-martinez.com / Réservations : ohlala@hotel-martinez.com

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