The Maserati musical A to Z

You’ll recognise the music, and you’ll love the images. For its anniversary, the firm created by Alfieri Maserati decided to celebrate with an A to Z that we could watch over and over.

Maserati turned 106 on 1 December 2020. No biggie, you might say. Except that the brand decided to celebrate with a fantastic filmed A to Z. Maserati from A to Z, as the name suggests, uses the alphabet to subtly trace the past, present and future of its automobiles. In 4 minutes, the film features over 30 of the brand’s models, to a soundtrack described as a Maserati Mix of the iconic The Chase by Giorgio Moroder, for the film Midnight Express.

Watch and listen.

From A for “Alfieri” (of course) to Z for “Zoom” (into the future), you don't need to be a car lover to appreciate the story:

A – Alfieri

B - Bora, Boomerang, Biturbo

C – Customise

D – Design

E – Electrification

F – Fast

G - GranTurismo

H – Heartbeat

I - Innovation

J – Just one look

K – Keeping the Dream Big

L - Love

M - Made in Modena

N – Nettuno

O – Original

P - Passion

Q - Quattroporte

R - Rebel

S - Son

T - Trident

U - Unorthodox

V - Visceral

W – Winning in style

X - Xtravagant

V – Yours Forever

Z - Zoom into the future

And for that SoBARNESpedia fact: did you know why the brand’s logo is a trident? Legend has it that Mario Maserati, one of Alfieri’s brothers, came up with the idea while staring out of his window over Bologna's Piazza Maggiore. In the centre of which stands the Fountain of Neptune, trident in hand. It’s as simple as that!


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