Summer champagnes

Champagne can be enjoyed all year round, yet another reason to put the spotlight on the top picks for a 100% #SoBARNES summer!

#SoBARNES wasn't going to let a packaging that for once has meaning slip by without comment! That’s right, Ruinart has put its inventiveness to good use with the eco-designed “second skin” case: instead of a standard box, this casing is composed of entirely recyclable cellulose fibres adapted to refrigerated conservation and can even be stored in an ice bucket for several house without losing its integrity. A sustainable innovation that aims to reduce and recycle, without compromising on experience or taste. The design reinterprets the elegant gestures of gastronomic establishments, inspired by the manner in which maître d’s wrap a white serviette around bottles of champagne.

Now for a change in scenery and philosophy with Veuve Clicquot Rosé: created over 200 years ago by Madame Clicquot, it was the first known blended Rosé Champagne. Indeed, at the time, the roses were dyed using a mixture made from elderberries. But this method of colouration didn’t satisfy Madame Clicquot, who was always striving to improve the quality of her wines. After creating her own red wine from vines in Bouzy, she decided to blend this with her still white wines in 1818. The result was a stronger rosé champagne, with definite character. With its gourmet notes, it is the ideal champagne for summer meals with their colourful dishes such as salads with fresh and juicy tomatoes, beef carpaccio or ripe red berries...


Exotic hints and floral notes

Et parce que l’été est installé, en blanc ou en rosé, le champagne Perrier-Jouët s’invite en terrasse avec ses bulles empreintes de floralité. La cuvée Blason Rosé est élaborée à partir d’un assemblage d’une cinquantaine de crus différents, composés pour moitié de pinots noirs, d’un quart de pinot meunier et d’un quart de chardonnay. Résultat, des arômes intenses de fruits rouges et noirs (fraise, framboise, mûre) associés à une touche exotique de grenade et en bouche une finale est vive, riche et généreuse. Comme gorgé de soleil avec sa robe or et ses bulles tout en finesse, Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs offre pour sa part une belle fraîcheur estivale ainsi que de délicates notes florales.

And to round off are two gems from Bollinger: La Grande Année 2012 and La Grande Année Rosé 2012. Its rich texture, creamy bubbles and delicate bitterness make La Grande Année 2012 the perfect companion for gourmet dinners (or lunches!). Indeed, its complex and multi-faceted aromatic profile (fruity, spicy, floral) shows off a wide variety of dishes. Powerful and immensely complex, La Grande Année Rosé 2012 also enhances the most sophisticated recipes. To best accentuate its unique style, its bouquet and its aromas, Bollinger recommends serving it between 8 and 10°C. Ready to enjoy now or left to age in your cellar.

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