Well above standards

No, you are not upside down, the logo of The Standard Miami is upside down. A must-see of Miami Beach, it’s not a hotel like the others, with its little Nordic ambiance.

Since its opening, the place has been a point of rendezvous for influential people of Miami, New York, and the whole world. But here, you'll find one of the city’s most famous spas offering an intermission of relaxation and pleasure. Shall we go?

As soon as you push open the door, a touch of minimalism and the warmth of the wooden decor already inspires wellness. Are we in Miami or Scandinavia? The staff is young and welcoming, we immediately feel that today is the day we devote ourselves to extreme relaxation.

Let's start with a hydrotherapy program, hammam, jacuzzi, deep-water swimming pool - an Arctic plunge pool - and right after, one of the Standard’s famous massages. Their reputation is renowned worldwide. Besides, in the Standard’s world, everyone is beautiful in their fluffy white robe.
We succumb as much to the treatments' names than to the hands of the masseuse; our favorite, "Hurt so good." Indeed, it’s indescribable. Meridian points, chakras or chronic stress points melt under expert fingers. Say ciao to any accumulated tension, those buried, and even those that have yet to be thought of. The Standard’s logo is always upside down, and us, in complete levitation.

To prolong this blissful moment, visit the seafront dock for a yoga class and a bit of meditation (no, you won’t fall asleep). Open your eyes, the sunset is just before you.

Consume without moderation will be our motto for the year. Miami Beach, here we come.

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