Will Gatsby be at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach?

Will Gatsby be at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach?
We dreamt it, but Alan Faena did it. The great return of the glitz of the roaring twenties, in the heart of Miami, at the sublime Hotel Faena, its restaurants with extravagant decors, its cabaret and its center for Art.

Passing through the doors of the Hotel Faena, we’re seized by the luxury and opulence of the lobby. More than imposing, with its monumental columns of gold illuminating the fresco painted by Juan Gatti. Here, everything is luxurious the vegetation dripping from the skies, a gigantic gold mammoth skeleton by the famous Damien Hirst is throne in the middle of the garden; and in a few months a new artist will take ownership of those spots. It's beautiful and magical.

On the beach, we know that hotels compete with incredible decorations, but here the designers Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin have reached the top. They’ve played with modern Art Deco style to design unexpected restaurants and bars.

The Faena is the place to be, just as the villa of Gatsby the Magnificent in the roaring twenties

First, Le Pao and its nearly British ambiance with a sublime view of the ocean and Asian cuisine of the incredible Chef Paul Qui, like the absolutely indescribable flavors like the Wagyu Carpaccio.

But also, Los Fuegos by Argentinian Francis Mallmann, a warm and cozy atmosphere to taste the famous asado (a culinary technique to cook the meat by exposing it to fire), which is difficult to stop so the meat is melting and tasty--at the barbecue or at home, it will never have the same effect. And for a more relaxed atmosphere, visit the Tropics of the Veranda or the Tree of Life bar.

The Faena is the place to be, just as the villa of Gatsby the Magnificent in the roaring twenties. Its dominant colors: passionate red and gold are a call to the pleasures of the festival. The cozy bars - The Living Room and Saxony Bar - and especially the famous Cabaret Faena Theater, a unique place in Miami, a real Parisian theater carpeted with heavy red velvet, with its padded chairs and small balconies. A breathtaking show of dancers, contortionists worthy of the greatest Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge and Cirque du Soleil, happen every weekend. Simply amazing, and in the heart of Miami Beach.

And to end the night in style and have the pleasure of waking up with the breeze blowing offshore, enjoy a suite with ocean views of course. For terms and conditions, call the concierge.

Thank you Alan the Magnificent, we applaud you!

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