The passcode, please

What did you say? We can’t read lips, the techno music's too loud … “The code, please.” You wonder what in heavens is taking place in this too cool for school establishment on the corner of Melrose and La Cienega in West Hollywood. But don’t you remember, we made a date.

“E.P. or L.P?” The attractive lady in high heels with a covert earpiece demands. Still confused? Remember, you’re meeting some friends at the ultra-trendy restaurant E.P. & L.P Life Cultivated? Alright, you’re still lost. The name sounds familiar, but we must admit it’s a little strange and a little complex. These technical music terms,“E.P.” for extended play and L.P. for “long play,” are a clear indication of what happens when you let a member of Swedish House Mafia become an investor.

As the memory of you organizing a wild night out returns, you’re finally able to respond. “E.P., please.” The young woman directs you up the stairs to the main dining room, known as the Asian Eating House. It’s buzzing, but once you see your friends, who just couldn’t wait for you, at the table devouring their delicious dinners of Fijian, Chinese, Indian, and Thai flavors, it becomes clear as day. You wanted to check out the hip, young Chef Louis Tikaram’s spin on nachos, a dish he reimagined as cassava chips accompanied by a coconut milk dip. It’s so good that you decide to go for the Sweet Baja rock shrimp with a hint of chili pepper. Scrumptious.

At the end of the menu you see a little note, "If by the end of the night your guest or guests are still boring, we suggest that you ditch them and head upstairs to L.P. and find some new friends." You now recall exactly what’s supposed to happen next--besides, your friends weren’t very nice earlier. After descending and consulting with the lady and the earpiece, you take the elevator up, up, up to L.P., the luxurious rooftop bar-lounge. It gleams with tabletops buffed in copper and a 360-degree view of the city’s a thousand and one stars shining on the Hollywood Hills. It is glorious.

The club vibes are as serious as a heart attack, but that’s all eased with a drink certified by Straus - Alex Straus - the famed master bartender. We recommend Kriss Kross, a sweet mix of vodka, lime cordial, coconut water, cardamom bitters, and Indian tonic boba pearls … Yep, we don’t know how this appointment slipped your mind either.

No matter what happens tonight, we get the sense that you won’t ever forget the passcode again.

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