When Buenos Aires met Brooklyn

It was about time, and yet we still weren’t ready. An affair destined to happen in Brooklyn’s underground gourmet scene. But still, we had no idea what such a union could create …

At El Almacen, the decor reflects the restaurant's name, “the general store” in English, with a vintage Argentinian ambiance that blends seamlessly with the trendy restaurants of Williamsburg. Cue: chalkboard menu, antique front counter, and complete wooden interior lit by candles. This time, the hipsters got it right, because its meat-centric dishes are absolutely authentic, straight from the pampas to the concrete jungle, attracting homesick porteños and food critics alike.

In standard Latin-style, everyone who enters becomes family and everything on the menu is to share. Start with one of the delicious platters and small plates: fiambres y quesos with prosciutto, salame de campo, capicola, ceviche de hamachi drizzled with truffle oil; not to mention the signature avocado fries. Transformative.

We hope you left some room for the main event: Steak de la parrilla, a grass-fed South American beefsteak; or the entraña, a tender, savory skirt steak served on a varnished wood stump with sea salt, shishito peppers, and an exquisite side of classic chimichurri. All the hype will be confirmed with the first bite, an explosion of divine flavors that shocks, then delights.

Who knew that Buenos Aires and Brooklyn would have so much chemistry … The Michelin Guide did, and so did NYMag, Village Voice, and subsequently Madonna? As for you, after an order of traditional flan and sugar-coated churros, you’ll exit in a love-daze, dreaming of the streets of San Telmo … Cuidado, look out for the taxi!

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