Whose house?

Home away from home, you understand. But what about kitchen away from kitchen? We admit, it sounds a bit bizarre, however, it’ll all make perfect sense at the Dinnertable, a very unlikely restaurant. And we won’t be handing over the address so easily, we’ll only tell you that it’s in Manhattan. For the rest, you’ll have to keep reading.

In typical East Village fashion, you’ll have to put in some effort to find it. So, head to the ultra-trendy Garret East bar, go straight to its rear and pull back the thick velvet curtains, to a little wooden door that’ll instantly remind you of Alice in Wonderland, then ring the doorbell … You’ll be greeted by a tiny yet cozy dining room, warm with a large communal-style table, surrounded by Windsor chairs that only seat about 20, draping plants, and walls full of quirky artwork, all in good taste, like Japanese vases and dancehall records. You’ll immediately feel like you’ve been welcomed to an “insider” dinner party of your favorite chic couple.

That’s because you’re in the house built by Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito, New York’s culinary power-couple of the internationally-renowned Quality Branded restaurants. But recently, the reigns were handed over to their good friend, Ricardo Arias, better known around town as Chef Ricky, whose menu of shareable plates are varied, innovative, and play with the flavors of Japan, Italy, France, and the Caribbean. Just have a look at the menu: charred sea bass with tomatillo puttanesca, it’s simply delicious; the huevos chamucos (a nod to Ricky’s Puerto Rican heritage no doubt) is, to our surprise and delight, served with dill wasabi eggs and caviar; but also the short rib tartare is a must; and lastly, because it’s forbidden to leave New York City without a hotdog (even for us), an order of the “Dinnertable Dog with House Pickles,” which consists of homemade miso sausage and wasabi sea salt on a potato bun. It’s chic, we promise.

Reserve a seat at the chef’s table, for an up close and personal view of the kitchen, select a drink from the crafty cocktail menu, relax and chit-chat with the other in-the-know guests while admiring the small team of chefs work their magic.

Full disclosure (it requires some math): you’ll only be able to invite 3 of your best friends (choose wisely, the restaurant seats a maximum party of 4). But look on the bright side, you’ll have the chance to leave with 16 more because this table specializes in intimate dinners for 20.

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