Marlon Brando's vision of a sustainable paradise

If this isn’t paradise, it must be pretty damn close! The private atoll of Tetiaroa, a 20-minute flight from Tahiti, offers guests an unspoilt environment that is unrivalled in its beauty. Introducing The Brando - the epitome of considered and visionary luxury amid unspoilt natural surroundings.

FRENCH POLYNESIA - The Brando is more than just a hotel. It is an island, complete with its own history and legends. Located on the private atoll of Tetiaroa, it is the materialisation of a visionary dream that Marlon Brando (1924-2004) had and the actor’s desire to make it the most beautiful spot to be found in any ocean for the rest of time. A place full of mystery and energy and encompassing 12 motus (islands) seemingly lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The complex comprises 35 outstanding villas, each with its own private beach and swimming pool, along with a series of restaurants, a luxurious Polynesian spa, a lagoon bar and a beach bar, a swimming pool, an organic garden, a selection of shops and an Ecostation. The Brando has been a pioneer in sustainable technology since it was first conceived, thanks notably to its seawater air-conditioning system and the use of renewable energies offering great luxury amid unspoilt natural surroundings.

Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe” - Marlon Brando


The project was instigated by two men - the legendary Marlon Brando and Richard H. Bailey, CEO of Pacific Beachcomber. After they met in 1999, Marlon asked Richard to help him make his dream of creating the world's largest holiday resort with near-zero carbon emissions - an island where new technologies would allow hotel guests, atoll residents and scientific research to enjoy and to benefit from a self-contained and considered luxury environment - a reality. “Marlon realised the importance of and indeed the need for sustainability whilst living in the bungalows he built on Tetiaroa”, Bailey recalls. “He became something of an expert in finding solutions to the difficulties one can face when living on a remote island. One of the things he believed in was that nothing should be built above the water. He also said that the concept of a bungalow on stilts was too invasive for the natural environment. He didn’t want anything to be built within 50 metres of the beach because he thought that visitors should be able to walk around a motu without any visual obstruction getting in their way, and that’s how we came up with the idea for The Brando.”

A private residence offering the ultimate in luxury

#SoBARNES couldn't recommend highly enough the ultimate luxury experience that the Brando Residence offers. Opened in 2019 on a 1.24-acre plot of land with almost 66 yards of totally private beach, the Residence, like the rest of the complex, is designed in a Polynesian style that showcases local materials, complete with magnificent coral walls. It houses 3 bedrooms, including a master bedroom and separate self-contained bedroom,  with its 3,000 sq. ft of indoor space equalling its 3,000 sq. ft of outdoor space, complete with swimming pool, and all, of course, affording spectacular views of the lagoon. (Lucky) residents will have full access to all of the activities and facilities, including restaurants, bars, spa, water sports centre, swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre, library and cultural centre, that The Brando offers, with the additional option of enlisting the services of a personal chef and butler.

And because the beauty of nature knows no bounds when it is respected in this way, we’ll let you in on a little secret: The Brando plans to build four residences for rent or purchase on the Onetahi motu within the next four years. So now you know!

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