Lugano, Switzerland, a destination to watch in 2019

Lugano is the Mediterranean soul of Switzerland.

This attractive “rich” city is home to modern high-end apartment buildings, palazzos, spectacular mansions and beautiful lakeside villas. Dolce Vita is certainly on the agenda thanks to the breathtaking landscapes and the city’s location between two glittering lakes: Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.

Most popular neighbourhoods

Lakeside Morcote, the “Pearl of the Ceresio”, the “rustici” old houses, the superb lakeside villas and the buildings on Via Nassa, the luxury shopping street.

Sought-after properties

Vast villas with gardens and terraces that provide an ideal space to soak up the sunshine. A swimming pool is an added bonus.


The clientèle is composed of families looking for spacious properties with gardens close to the schools and shops. The peaceful lakeside areas remain popular.


Mainly Swiss and European, looking for a new lifestyle.

Opportunities and outlook

The canton of Ticino has plenty to offer for those looking to move their home or business here. Demand appears to be on the up for all price ranges. This has been particularly boosted by the low mortgage rates, which make properties investments in Ticino an attractive opportunity.

What will 1 million dollars buy?

An 85 sq. m. apartment with two bedrooms and views over the lake, in Castagnola.




Source: Barnes Global Property Handbook 2019

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