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In the region of the European Great Lakes, between Italy and the Swiss Ticino, you’ll find an idyllic landscape worthy of the most beautiful postcards. An expansive blue, mounts and mountains, breaching on the calm waters of the magnificent Lake Lugano.

A weekend on the shores of Lake Lugano is a dream, but to live on its shores all year long is paradise.

A double personality

The city of Lugano was previously a fishing village. Over time it has evolved into a significant platform for the financial world. All the charm of Lugano lies in the mystical beauty of its landscape and frenzy of life, in which it’s impossible to get bored.

In Switzerland, they say, Lugano: “la ville riche" (the rich city). Why? Because the city is decorated with modern high-rise buildings, palazzos, spectacular mansions and beautiful lakeside villas. The streets are bustling, such as the charming Via Nassa and its luxury boutiques. Boats are docked at the harbor, patiently waiting for their owners who have gone for lunch in one of the restaurants on the water. There’s an abundance of excellent places, so no need to wander all the way to the end of the lake; but if you’d like, the walk is truly exceptional. Personally, we are sensitive to the charms of Gandria, a quarter of the city that’s full of welcoming terraces (as promised, we are giving you tips).

Living in Lugano is definitely for you if …

  1. Between the charm of the past and the allure of the new, you refuse to choose
  2. A villa built for the European aristocracy was also built for you
  3. Taking the boat to school is much chicer, and so are your kids

Lugano and its league of neighborhoods

But don’t go thinking the city is snobby, it’s not. It’s simply proud, continuing its legacy in an extraordinary setting. The charm of Lugano operates as if by magic, along with the different lifestyles offered to its population. Some choose life in the city center, responding to the call of the streets, the historic district’s great squares and the restaurants surrounding the 11th-century cathedral. Others prefer the tranquility and serenity of the neighboring towns. It’s true, Lugano has merged with its neighbors - Breganzona, Gandria, Pazzalo, Carabbia, Val Colla, Carona to name a few. Its area has jumped from 11 km2 to 72 km2, all the while keeping its legendary charm intact.

These bordering neighborhoods represent the city’s 11 districts of residential neighborhoods with beautiful villas steeped in history. Lugano has embraced modernity, but not in scale per se; it only has 67,000 inhabitants and in return no traffic jams, no pollution, and exemplary security. The city hosts many cultural activities, museums and recreational centers including the famous Swissminiatur Park. Moreover, The city is oriented towards the future, the youth, and internationalism, with excellent schools and universities that are among the best in Switzerland.

Lugano is calling your name if ...

  1. Living in the heart of Switzerland's 3rd largest financial center is an undeniable asset
  2. You've dreamed of living in a natural arena of lakes and mountains
  3. Your youngest wants to get started on miniature scale models

In perfect harmony with nature

Thanks to its location and geography, Lugano is paradise for those who wish to live in the mountains, enjoy winter sports, and take advantage of the lake for recreational fun in the summertime. Lugano also owes its fame to its verdant surroundings, as 51% of the territory is green. We can never get tired of admiring the reflection of the trees in the lake’s calm waters.

You can find an exceptional panorama at the top of Mount San Salvatore by way of just a little work - it doesn’t hurt a bit. Climb to the top with the funicular (not hard all) to come face to face to a 380º-degree spectacle, and pause in reflection (meditation is becoming very fashionable you know) to become one with the landscape’s natural beauty, and then walk down through the medieval village of Morcote.

On sunny days, go to the beach (the one in Porto Ceresio is a favorite), swim in the invigorating, transparent waters or take off by boat, paddleboard or canoe. And for the icing on the cake, a sail to Gandria (the Venice of Switzerland) for lunch on one of its terraces suspended at water’s edge, like the restaurant Roccabella under the arbor surrounded by geraniums.

Lugano will be your paradise if ...

  1. You adore Ha Long Bay and Venice, but your heart prefers Ticino Switzerland
  2. Meditating at the top of Mount San Salvatore is on your bucket list
  3. Your Riva Monte Carlo wants to sail to Lugano


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