How to combine home office and prestige in Paris

A short distance from Parc Monceau, 99 Malesherbes comprises residential units, offices and mixed use apartments. A 100% SoBARNES private viewing.

It’s a given, there will be a pre- and post-2020 effect. Both in terms of real estate and all other businesses. And 99 Malesherbes is proof - a fully renovated Haussmannian building redesigned to incorporate family life and work. Within walking distance from Parc Monceau, in the most dignified neighbourhood of the 8th arrondissement, it comprises 12 exceptionally upmarket apartments, 3 of which come with commercial spaces, thus allowing for the possibility of a licensed professional activity. You have to admit that’s a plus in these times... Indeed, many people have had to work from home due to the health crisis and some have found the arrangement actually suits them, enabling them to incorporate their working and home space into one. But this requires the right environment. Something this apartement redone by architect Fanny Rozé offers in spades!

This new approach to the day-to-day routine brings an undeniable quality of life (on a part- or full-time basis), but also requires a change in terms of the organisation and shared use of the rooms in a family home, whether it’s a primary or secondary residence. From studios to large apartments, this Haussmannian building provides an answer to this new phenomenon in the luxury property market. Of course, we have a slight partiality for the apartments complete with balconies and views on the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur.

Just between us (and Groupama Immobilier, which is handling the operation), 99 Malesherbes is set to be one of the addresses that shapes the Paris of tomorrow. A word to the wise...

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