Saint Laurent holds its fashion show in the desert

2020 will be the year that turned everything upside down, including and fashion and couture. All the more reason to pay due tribute to the extraordinary presentation of Saint Laurent’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection. A fashion show on the dunes with classic elegance, unrestrainedly plunging into the Parisian house’s very roots.

It is impossible not to be hypnotised by these 66 silhouettes snaking between day and night at the top of a dune set in a mysterious and nameless desert. Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s creative director, has mastered his classics and his subject to perfection, revisiting the jersey, the men's waistcoat, the safari jacket and the leather jacket with a simple and liberated elegance. He also had to rethink the setting for this spring-summer 2021 collection "dedicated to freedom of movement" to make it a reflection of its time. Mission accomplished with this 10-minute film opening with the YSL logo etched in the sand.

The director Nathalie Canguilhem somehow made this fashion show, at once lunar and dune-like, seem effortlessly natural, yet we dare not imagine the technical challenges such a shooting must have faced! Accompanied by the bewitching music composed by Sebastian, this video, conceived as "an invitation to travel", was very aptly titled I wish you were here.

To those who wonder why Saint Laurent waited until mid-December to present its spring-summer 2021 collection when the competing houses did so in September according to the official calendar, SoBARNES has the answer: on its Instagram account on 27 April 2020, the brand announced that, given the current economic situation, it would establish its own calendar to "legitimize the value of time, at its own pace, while favoring relationships with people and their daily lives [...] and its launches will follow an optimized plan guided by the needs of creativity".

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