Harry Winston, a New York state of mind

If ever there was one gem dear to Harry Winston, it would be th e sparkling city of New York. This was where the iconic jewelry house was founded in 1932, an d it continued to inspire the “king of diamonds.” This is the precious, cosmopolitan iden tity revived in the New York Collection, featuring eight lines of jewelry influenced by the Big Apple’s emblems.

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 Travel to the heart of the diamond with Harry Winston

The New York Collection is akin to a touching, dazzling travel journal, an invitation to discover the founder’s memories and inspirations drawn from the city that never sleeps. The Brownstone
line is the first stop in this thrilling odyssey, based on the majestic buildings on the Upper West Side where the jeweler was born in 1896. These pieces shift into superb geometric motifs in a nod to the Manhattan architecture, covered with sublime baguette-cut diamonds and emphasized with square-cut, colorful precious stones. The enchanting journey continues with Cathedral (St. Patrick’s), a building near Harry Winston’s first offices that acted as his muse. The elegantly-crafted emerald necklace and earrings hark back to the impressive Neo-Gothic structure standing on Fifth Avenue. After moving his company to 718 Fifth Avenue, the jeweler designed an 18th-century French interior. This opulence can be found in the series of necklaces, earrings, and rings in 718 Marble Marquetry and 718 Chandelier. The latter is inspired by the remarkable chandelier that lit the salon in which Harry Winston enjoyed receiving clients from all over the world.

Any self-respecting New Yorker is a regular at shows and takes walks in Central Park. The adventure therefore continues to Broadway, where the jeweler liked to meet with his beloved wife, Edna, perhaps after wandering through the most legendary of the major city parks. The City Lights line offers a reinterpretation of artistic emulation in a whirlwind of colored diamonds and bright precious stones, while the Central Park Mosaic line uses its combinations of emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and aquamarines to conjure up the peaceful ambience of New York’s renowned green lung. With this collection, the jewelry house has definitively proved its ability to showcase its heritage through increasingly contemporary creations.


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