When BARNES becomes a fragrance

Because an olfactory signature is just as important as a logo when it comes to a brand’s identity, BARNES has created its very own perfume. A fragrance that can be discovered in its 90 offices worldwide.

Step through the doors of any BARNES office in Paris, Geneva, New York or St. Barts, and you’ll be greeted by notes of Haitian vetiver, Virginian cedar, lily of the valley and bergamot. The scents that make up the first “residential perfume” now indissociable from the BARNES network. “Our business, as well as the lives of our clients, is based on the notion of interiors, luxury and lifestyle”, explains Richard Tzipine, Managing Partner of BARNES. “It thus seemed only natural to create our own perfume, elegant and unique, that acts as a means of conveying our values and as a unifying element between all the countries in which we are established”.

The task was entrusted to one of the world’s most reputed noses, Nathalie Feisthauer. Working out of her lab in Montmartre , Nathalie has created dozens of perfumes for major luxury brands. The universe she concocted for BARNES is first and foremost timeless:

You can instantly recognise the smell of home cooked meals or the smell of your grandfather’s car even decades later”, says Nathalie Feisthauer. “Olfactory memories are some of the most powerful because they don't rely on words but rather sensations. With the BARNES interior perfume, the idea was to bring together a place through its different components, the network and a unique scent, both familiar and soothing”.

An olfactory identity is an important element of major luxury brands”, affirms Anne-Marie Spencer, co-founder of eco.french.lab, who has been working alongside BARNES from the outset of the project in 2018. “Perfume is part of the client experience, as demonstrated by boutiques like Bonpoint and the Costes hotels, for example. Beyond the fragrance itself, the aim is to create an extremely personal sensory logo, which reinforces the connection between the brand, its representatives and its clients”.

The BARNES residential perfume is present in each of the network’s offices in the form of fragrance dispensers, candles and sprays, and has also been bottled into soaps and hand sanitisers. When real estate and lifestyle come together as one!

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