Visiting France’s highest hotel, in Val-d’Isère

Le Refuge de Solaise has taken up residence in this former cable car station at an altitude of 2,551m (8,370ft) in the form of a luxury hotel with the summits of the Alps in its eyeline. Welcome to Val-d’Isère, with SoBARNES.

There’s something James Bond-ish (particularly appropriate at the moment) about this hotel. A cross between George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me. Perched on a former cable car station built in 1939 on the heights of Val-d’Isère, Le Refuge de Solaise is a unique complex in France comprised of sixteen extremely cosy guest rooms, a dormitory that will make you want to relive the pyjama parties of your youth, four family apartments, two restaurants, a bar, a spa with a 25m indoor pool, a shop, a children’s space and a seminar room. Fancy admiring sunsets and sunrises like nothing you’ll see elsewhere? Having the starry sky all to yourself? Rising above it all, literally and figuratively? Well look no further - join us in the silence of the summits:

The interior design pulls off the exploit of preserving the site’s soul, with the metal structure of the former cable car station still visible despite the omni-present wood. The decoration of the guest rooms echoes the industrial ambiance of the 1930s. And the vintage look continues in the bathrooms with their lion’s paw bathtub feet and their Bakelite rotary switches.

Another significant detail: the various hotel facilities have been designed to keep the environmental footprint of this self-sufficient building to a strict minimum.

Le Refuge will be opening its doors at the start of December 2021 for the new ski season, but bookings are already being taken (a piece of advice - get in there quick!) Wondering how you access this luxury eyrie? The teams at Le Refuge greet guests at the resort’s snow front to take their vehicle and luggage. Then it’s just a short ride on the Solaise cable car (which replaced the old cable car in 2016) to reach the hotel. And for the magic to happen...

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Le Refuge de Solaise, Téléphérique de Solaise, 73150 Val-d'Isère

Tel.: +33 (0)4 58 83 00 90 -

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