Full of (coffee) beans!

Here we are, right in the middle of the timeless rivalry between tea enthusiasts and coffee devotees, and even for us, it’s still a challenge to choose our side.

We’re not alone. England is beginning to show a tendency for caffeinated drinks in the warm and relaxed atmosphere of cafes like Climpson and Sons.

To be honest, we wouldn’t have even noticed the wooden storefront with the old-fashioned sign, but we were immediately hit with an intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted java floating at the entrance. Inside, the decor is simple, but the few tables are quite busy (which is why there are benches outside ...). We come here to chit-chat with regulars or Joe, the house’s Irish barista, but above all to drink the city’s best coffee.

This coffee shop at full throttle, especially in the wee hours of the morning, has quickly become a classic, to revisit again and again to taste exotic beans that allow you travel with each sip. Although risking insomnia (worth it), we’ve tasted everything, and here’s our verdict: Rocko Mountain Mixed Heirloom from Ethiopia with a unique fruity taste, the Nicaragua-native Finca La Cascada and its signature chocolate scent, and the divine Kinuyu AB of Kenya with a caramel sweetness and a peachy aftertaste are unlike any coffees we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

And, unsurprisingly, these cups bring on cravings straight from our sweet tooth, so we also love to have a bite of the cafe’s delicious pastries … Look out, this place shakes the great institution of the Earl Gray-Scones combo of the 5 o’clock break.

With its environmentally-friendly roasting methods, super high-quality beans rigorously selected from around the world, regular tastings, fresh brews and innovative blends, owner Ian Burgess has made Climpson and Sons a must in Broadway Market. What more can we say? Coffee, it’s a state of bean.

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