It seems as though the city of London has been around as long as time itself, and we assure you, it’s completely possible. This list of contributions to the economy, culture, and fashion, just as its River Thames, seem to have no beginning or end. This capital city has the ability to move and transform with the new styles of each generation, and at the same time, cherish its legacy of royalty. It’s obvious in its collection of unique neighborhoods of distinct personalities and selection of estates situated around some of the world’s most famous monuments, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc. New life regenerates in the hip quarters of Shoreditch and tradition obliges in Westminster. From lively to quieter streets, artisanal to the most gourmet eateries, with an enthusiasm for tea and beer, there’s enough room for both extremes and everything in between. Discover the rich diversity of London below, with SoBarnes.

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