The submarine for the modern-day Nemo

Did you know that you can buy your very own submarine? Thanks to the Dutch manufacturer U-Boat Worx, you can explore the abysses without compromising on comfort.

Who hasn't dreamed of scouring the seabed to discover ancient shipwrecks? The concept of creating a submersible accessible to the general public dates back to the 1980s when Bert Houtman, founder of U-Boat Worx, came up with the revolutionary idea of making submarines not just for the military or large oceanographic research institutes but also for the private sector. But not just as a gadget - however James Bond-ish it may seem - because unlike scuba diving, submarines allow you to travel long distances in complete security and comfort, without any risk of decompression.

SoBARNES invites you on board:

Each model presented by U-Boat Worx is an improvement on the previous one, as custom dictates. But the C-Researcher 3 unveiled in 2020 seems to have reached a whole new level - or rather, new depths! Built to explore the deep sea, it can safely dive to 1,140 meters below, allowing adventurers to explore hidden shipwrecks, make friends with sharks, or simply enjoy the underwater marine environment, just like a modern-day Captain Nemo. The full acrylic sphere is optically perfect, colourless and distortion-free, allowing for a crystal-clear field of vision made as wide as possible by locating the propulsion systems behind the sphere.

The C-Researcher 3, which recently won a Red Dot Product Design Award, also has another 100% SoBARNES feature: its dual climate-control system that keeps passengers pleasantly cool when diving in warm Caribbean waters, and comfortable when voyaging in freezing Arctic waters. So chic.

You may be wondering if the submarines are easy to pilot. According to U-Boat Worx, all it takes is a few hours of training. And their maintenance is no more complex than a semi-rigid dinghy. The performance of the electric batteries varies greatly from one model to another, and is constantly being updated. For full information, click here. In terms of price, you’re looking at around €1 million minimum for a mini-sub sufficiently small to be towed behind a car. Which may earn you a few amazed looks at the motorway toll from other holiday-makers!

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