Porsche Taycan GTS: to infinity and beyond

In the (extended) Porsche family, GTS is synonymous with sport-tuned driving. And the newly launched electric Taycan GTS is no exception. With a range of up to 500 km. Thrilling!

GTS: Gran Turismo Sport. A concept that has found an audience among Porsche fans since the release of the 904 Carrera GTS in 1963. And which has received an outstanding ovation when applied to the best-seller Taycan. Two versions exist with specific configurations and an impressive electric 598 PS in overboost mode: the GTS Road and the GTS Sport Turismo, the same off-road body version as the model previously presented by SoBARNES. Both with a standard range of up to 504 kilometres, ideal for getaways and venturing off the beaten path.

And because luxury and automotive sports are never mutually exclusive, SoBARNES has one specific favourite feature: the panoramic roof on the new Taycan GTS with Sunshine Control. This latest gadget comprises an electrically switchable liquid crystal film that protects the occupants from glare without darkening the interior. The roof is divided into nine segments that can be switched individually. A world first, as far as we know!

Both model versions will be priced upwards of €130,000, with deliveries scheduled for France in spring 2022.

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Infos : Porsche.com

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