Brazen luxury by Pinel & Pinel

Founded in Paris in 2004, the Pinel & Pinel factory has pulled off the extraordinary feat of reinventing the trunk-maker's craft. Thanks to a combination of boldness, careful creativity and expertise, Fred Pinel has successfully established the concept of the ‘smart trunk’ aimed at collectors in search of new objects of desire.

It is certainly no coincidence that the wonderful trunks created by Fred Pinel have been so warmly received by Vacheron Constantin, Krug, Piaget and B&O. There was nothing to indicate that the former advertising executive would ever go on to shake things up in the luxury industry, yet less than a decade later, this self-taught man has successfully created the latest addition to the Parisian designer scene: Pinel & Pinel. Whether it's creating a trunk containing a folding bicycle, a home cinema, skis, Bonsai trees or a mobile office, the manufacturing process respects the traditions of craftsmanship. In a clever combination of high-tech and rare materials, crocodile skin, shagreen and leather meet carbon and titanium to form one big, happy, skilfully crafted family.

Pinel & Pinel has made the Made in Paris label a reality, by bringing its creations, which are made to order and by hand, to life at its factory in the city’s 20th arrondissement. And because inventiveness, by its very nature, is an on-going concept, each season brings with it something new. In addition to trunks that can reach stratospheric prices, the brand has developed a range of more affordable accessories (cigar and watch boxes, lamps, candles, handbags, toiletry bags and briefcases) whilst still remaining true to its DNA.

One of Fred Pinel's latest creations, for example, is a Bic pen dressed in taurillon leather and available in six tangy colours. A piece of sheer luxury for just €69 - who can top that?

Of course, a brand of this standing must have a showcase to match, so in 2018, Pinel & Pinel set up shop on Boulevard Malesherbes, a stone's throw from the Madeleine and Place de la Concorde (8th arrondissement). Take a tip from the SOBARNES team: when you get there, ask to see the Arcade Trunk, with its 60 arcade games, and the Cigar Trunk, which holds up to 1,400 cigars!

And while we’re sharing secrets, a few months ago, a French entrepreneur visited the store, having been drawn in by the colours in the windows, in the hope of having Pinel & Pinel decorate the entrance to his nearby pied-à-terre. One thing led to another, and Fred ended up redesigning his entire apartment! Here are the first images, exclusively for SoBARNES:

A little bird tells us that this first foray into the field of interior design is just the tip of the iceberg for Pinel & Pinel. We will, of course, be the first to update you on any new developments!

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Contact :

Pinel & Pinel - 5, boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris - FRANCE / Tél. : +33(0)1 42 60 58 39


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