Alpine: three’s the magic number

Since its resurrection in 2017, the Alpine A110 has become a cult object for sports car enthusiasts around the world. What it lacked was a real range. But now it’s (almost) done, with three models with very different characters. SoBARNES slips behind the wheel.

As agile as it is pleasant to drive, the Alpine A110 has revived a style that its much heavier and more powerful German and Italian rivals had ultimately abandoned. And now here it is, available in three models: the A110 original, the new A110 GT Grand Tourisme sports coupe, and the lean A110 S with the soul of a Formula 1. These three versions remain faithful to the quintessential Alpine principles of lightness. They all come with a 4-cylinder 1.8-litre turbo engine and a 7-speed automatic gearbox with a dual wet clutch.

At the top of this newly emergent range is the A110 S, equipped with a sport chassis and a 300hp engine bristling with power. Endowed with a top speed of 170mph (compared to 155mph for its two sisters), it comes with optional semi-slick tyres and a custom-made aerodynamic kit that will wow drivers who value precision. With Porsche in its sights, of course...

Slightly more conventional, the Alpine A110 has been the gateway into the Alpine universe for four years. Light, precise, bracing and comfortable enough to be used on a daily basis, it comes with a 1.8-litre engine in a 252hp version, providing power that can be equally appreciated driving to the nearest supermarket or on the twists and turns of an Alpine pass.

In between is the A110 GT. With its 300hp engine paired with the “Alpine” chassis, it strikes a blissful balance between performance and comfort.

Orders were officially opened this week, with prices ranging from €59,500 (£49,905) to €71,500 (£59,955). And if you still doubt Alpine's credibility in the ultra-competitive sports coupe segment, it might interest you to know that the brand celebrated its first Formula 1 victory in Hungary last August. You have to admit, it puts Alpine in a new (blazing) light!


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