A new way to visit Rome, at Hôtel de la Ville

It’s one of Rome’s best kept secrets. On the top floor of Hôtel de la Ville is a panoramic penthouse with a terrace that just emanates la dolce vita. Take SoBARNES’ word for it - it doesn't get much better than this.

Strictly between us, but Rome’s most stunning penthouse can be found on the top floor of Hôtel de la Ville: if you combine the Canova Suite, Roma Suite and De La Ville Suite, you get a six-bedroom apartment with over 3,700 sq ft of terrace. What could be better for a spot of sunbathing with a view of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica or a crossword puzzle while admiring the gardens of Villa Borghese. Not to mention the star-lit dinners in the company of the rooftops of the Eternal City.

From yoga sessions at dawn to late-night parties with your favourite DJ, get ready for a whole new experience of Rome. It goes without saying that Hôtel de la Ville provides VIP treatment right from the moment you arrive at the airport - there’s no question of taking a taxi, instead a chauffeured limousine will be waiting to pick you up. Once at the hotel, the private lift takes you directly to the penthouse without checking in at reception (how VIP is that?). And the same theme continues throughout, with our personal top experience being an appointment with legendary tailor Gaetano Aloisio in his workshop. An opportunity not handed out to just any old tourist.

You’re looking at upwards of €15,000 per night for a stay at this one-of-a-kind penthouse. Given that the three suites can be booked independently (from €3,500 per night for the Canova), which in itself offers an intimate look at Rome at its most elegant.

And to top it all, Hôtel de la Ville by Rocco Forte is located just next to the church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti and its steps leading to Piazza di Spagna. Don't say we don't give you all the best tips!

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Rocco Forte Hotel de la Ville - Via Sistina 69, Rome00187 - ITALIE

Tél. : +39 06 977 931 / Roccofortehotels.com




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