A glimpse into the secret of Hermès’ know-how

The new Hermès home collections represent an assemblage of astonishing know-how. SoBARNES gives you a demonstration with the Sillage chair and the Sialk table centrepieces.

Each home collection by Hermès involves creating “objects designed as connections between materials”. Tables, lamps, baskets, rugs and porcelain services play on the materials with a mastery that amazes us every season. Let’s take a moment to admire the Sillage d’Hermès, a chair with a wooden frame encased in a unique compound made from cellulose microfibres made in Puglia (Italy), the 16th century birthplace of papier mâché. The perfect balance between material innovation and age-old know-how, this totem armchair is hand-varnished and hand-painted line after line. Needless to say, we love it.

Another example of this know-how put to work by Hermès are the Sialk centrepieces, made from a sheet of copper and tinted with enamels applied using a stencil. It may not sound like it, but it’s an incredible technical feat!

When fired, the centrepieces express an unexpected wealth of textures and contrasts. These unique pieces are based on a subtle balance between the fusion of pigments and the rawness of the material. We don't just love them, we’re their greatest fans!

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Infos : Hermes.com

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