A chalet in the form of a private mansion, in Courchevel

The Lys Martagon, set to open its doors on 10 December this year, takes luxury to a whole new level in Courchevel. A chalet, 5-star hotel and mountain mansion all in one. SoBARNES simply couldn't resist an exclusive private tour.

At first, it was no more than a dream”, says Christophe Callarec, the man behind the Lys Martagon (*). “To turn a family chalet into an outstanding venue. Well, today that dream has become a reality [...] a masterpiece of the hotelier’s art, with a unique, intimate ambience. A distillation of something infinitely larger”.

Forget everything you thought you knew about luxury mountain hotels. With its seven suites worthy of the front cover of the world’s top magazines, its décor creating a blend of Art Deco and Art Nouveau and its unprecedented level of service, the Lys Martagon is one of those secret spots known only to a lucky few. SoBARNES gives you an exclusive look:

Set in the most coveted neighbourhood of Bellecôte, in Courchevel 1850, it goes without saying that this jewel is ski-in/ski-out. In addition to its location, with just seven suites and a guest capacity of 20 people, the Lys Martagon places the emphasis on absolute privacy and a customised service that larger hotels could never hope to achieve. “We can reconfigure some rooms at our clients’ request”, explains Christophe Callarec. For example, we can transform the gourmet restaurant into a family dining room thanks to the specially designed furniture”.

Nothing was too good when it came to fitting out the 21,530 sq ft of this mountain getaway. The list of facilities and services in this pocket-sized luxury hotel is therefore too long to fit within a few lines, but we will mention the 3,014 sq ft spa with its Art Nouveau curves and rounded lines. Indoor swimming pool, waterfall wall, treatment rooms, steam room, sauna, ice fountain, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and a Tisanerie - what more would you ask for?

Christophe Callarec started from a blank page to give a new meaning to art de vivre. With a world-first in the form of interactive 3D animations over 7 metres high that make waterfalls, flower beds and butterflies appear out of nowhere with striking realism. And children can have fun getting to know Lise, a 2.0 marmot character on the dedicated iPad app who will accompany them throughout their stay and even after.

And of course Art Deco and Art Nouveau can only mean one period - the 20s and 30s. In keeping with the era, the Lys Martagon even has a Prohibition Bar like you’d once find in America. This speakeasy invisible to the eyes of mere mortals can only be accessed via a concealed door with a 4-digit access code that changes every day. So how do you get the code? That’s up to you to find out... Similarly, the 4-table outdoor restaurant is not featured in any tourist guides!

The details contained within the Lys Martagon defy imagination. But we have a particular SoBARNES favourite: guests wanting to leave valuable objects in the hotel’s safe will be able to watch them be placed in pouches sealed with wax before their eyes. It doesn't get much classier than that.

Depending on the week, the entire chalet can be reserved or a single or several suites, like a traditional hotel. How? By contacting BARNES Courchevel, exclusive partner of Lys Martagon for France. Don't say we don't let you in on the top tips!

[email protected]

(*) The martagon lily (or lys martagon in French) is a Eurasian species of lily that grows at altitude and is emblematic of the Tarentaise Valley, where Courchevel is located. And to really impress your friends with your cultural knowledge, in the French Revolutionary calendar, lys martagon was the name attributed to the eighth day of the month of Prairial (from the French ‘prairie’, meadow), in other words the 27th May, or the 28th in the case of leap years.


Contact :

Le Lys Martagon - 464, route de Bellecôte, 73120 Courchevel 1850 - FRANCE

BARNES Courchevel – 37, rue du Rocher, 73120 Courchevel / Barnes-meribel-courchevel.com

Emilie Bernard +33 (0)6 68 19 57 31 / [email protected]



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