Madrid, innovative and attractive


Criss-crossed by straight avenues, Madrid gives the appearance of a well-organised city home to prestigious art institutions - Prado, Museo Reina Sofía - elegant boulevards and large squares. Yet behind this imposing façade that blends contemporary and neo-classical constructions lies the soul of a city that has evolved gradually. Cosmopolitan, ecological and bustling with tapas bars, gourmet restaurants and concept stores, the Spanish capital now has the alluring face of a dynamic and innovative capital combining tradition and modernity.

The real estate market : Renewed upward trend

The continued rise in the market since 2014, brought to a standstill in 2020, has been renewed and is set to intensify in 2022. Prices vary depending on the neighbourhood, from €5,000 per sq.m in the Centre to €5,500 in Chamberi and €6,100 in Barrio Salamanca. The most popular districts are Justicia, Chamberi, Salamanca and Retiro. The most coveted properties are 90 to 120-square metre apartments with two bedrooms and a terrace.

Our recommendation

Clearly identify your objectives. If you’re looking for an investment, the Centre is the best option given the high tourist demand and rental returns. More residential with connections to the motorways, green spaces and good restaurants, Salamanca is the ideal place to live; as are Recoletos and Jéronimos. Justicia and Trafalgar are an excellent compromise, adapted to a younger clientèle.- Álvaro Martínez, General Manager Barnes Madrid

Don't be afraid to move out of the city

Recommendations? Why not look at the neighbourhoods outside the ring road, west of the city centre. If you have the right guidance, Pozuelo, Valdemarin and Aravaca are all fantastic residential areas.

To be avoided? Being too close to the ring road.

Art of living

The city of a thousand and one historic gems and simply oh-so fashionable, Madrid is teeming with top restaurants, the latest shopping and cultural venues. Diaries at the ready!


Museo Reina Sofía

©Museo Reine Sofia

The Reina Sofía National Art Centre, simply known as the “Reina Sofía”, is a national modern and contemporary art institution that has been open since 1900. From the famous Guernica by Picasso to masterpieces by Dali, Miro, Léger, Picabia, Bacon and Dubuffet and contemporaries like Gerhard Richter and Sol LeWit - a must-visit museum.

de Sta. Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museo Nacional

©Museo Thyssen

Installed in an old aristocratic manor, this museum showcases avant-garde works as well as more traditional pieces.

P.º del Prado, 8, 28014 Madrid

Travesía Cuatro

©Museo Cuatro

This independent art gallery places the spotlight on Latin American artists. With works from both emerging and established creators, there is plenty here to widen your horizons.

de San Mateo, 16, 28004 Madrid

Galería Elvira González

©Galeria Elvira Gonzalez

Olafur Oliasson, Donald Judd, Richard Serra…A big hit among contemporary art lovers, this gallery exhibits works by renowned artists. Upcoming exhibition (7 April-28 May) Miquel Barcelo

Calle Hermanos Álvarez Quintero, 1, 28004 Madrid




A modern boutique where local celebrities get their hands on in vogue high-end ready-to-wear and accessories. Bonus: the home department, with its ceramic tableware.

Calle de Regueros, 15, 28004 Madrid

Antigua Casa Crespo

©Antigua Casa Crespo

THE place to find espadrilles made by local artisans using traditional techniques.

Calle del Divino Pastor, 29, 28004 Madrid

Casa de Diego

©Casa de Diego

Looking for colourful traditional fans? Well this is the place to find them.

Prta del Sol, 12, 28013 Madrid



The Spanish fashion and leather goods brand has opened its very first store here at the heart of Madrid. Ideal for upmarket souvenirs.

C/ Gran Vía, 8, 28013 Madrid

The hottest reservations in town

El Paraguas


©El Paraguas

Cantabrian Anchovies with Avocado, Verdinas with Partridge and Morels Mushroom Stuffed with Foie: this restaurant has become a classic in the Spanish capital, showcasing local culinary specialities with a modern twist.

Calle de Jorge Juan, 16, 28001 Madrid

Casa Benigna

©Casa Benigna

One of the best paellas in Madrid. Top-quality service, a stunning setting and a family atmosphere. An iconic venue in the city (and even the region).

Calle de Benigno Soto, 9, 28002 Madrid 

Bodegas el Maño

©Bodegas el Maño

A mouthwatering establishment that serves all kinds of tapas in a convivial yet upmarket atmosphere.

Calle de la Palma, 64, 28015 Madrid 

Mo de Movimiento

©Mo de Movimiento

Artisanal mozzarella, 100% organic Iberian ham, free-range pigs: a restaurant that advocates a responsible approach to Mediterranean cuisine that is respectful of the environment and nature.

Calle de Espronceda, 34, 28003 Madrid

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