Porto-Vecchio, France, a destination to watch

The “Isle of Beauty” is now the third most appealing French region, a status created by positive investment conditions in exceptional locations, singularly easy living, and an overall feeling of safety, calm, and authenticity.

The southernmost point of Corsica from Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio, as well as the southern coast of Ajaccio are becoming the luxury destinations of Corsica. Beachfront properties with sea views are the most desirable, preferably located on private, gated estates.



The most sought-after neighborhoods

Private estates such as Sperone, Cala Rossa, Punta d’Oro, Cala d’Oro and Punta d’Araso.

The most desirable properties

A recent, contemporary villa with premium facilities, a landscaped garden with a pool, sea views, and walking distance to the beach. A buildable plot of land close to the beach with sea views. A beachfront house in need of renovation. Some 30% of demand is investment in rental property.

Client expectations

This clientele are seeking peace and relaxation, in luxury residences tucked away from prying eyes, amongst private gated grounds. As buyers are predominantly foreign investors most rely on the expertise and services of professional real estate investment consultants who have exhaustive knowledge of the local market as well as it’s most hidden gems. Invaluable in facilitating the smooth progression of the acquisition, they also attend meetings with local administrations and service providers.


Mainly French European, looking for second and holiday homes. The vast majority of owners also have a boat.

Opportunities and perspectives

The towns in the southernmost tip are currently undergoing developed, and the ports of de Bonifacio, Santa-Manza and Porto-Vecchio have been expanded. The urban spaces are being enhanced with paved centers, beltways, new roads, improved parking and pedestrian walkways.

What will 1 million euros buy?

In the older established property sector: a house spanning around 1 722 sq ft in need of renovation, with sea views, walking distance from the beach, 16 146 of gardens on a private estate. Alternatively, more recent houses, around 3 229 sq ft, swimming pool, 21 528 sq ft of garden. A 21 528 sq ft plot of land, sea views, walking distance from the beach, on a private estate. In the new property sector: a contemporary house spanning 1 614 sq ft, with a swimming pool and round 10 764 sq ft of gardens. A penthouse spanning 1 614 sq ft with a 1 076 sq ft terrace boasting panoramic views in the city center.



Source: Barnes Global Property Handbook

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