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You’ve heard it over and over, Brooklyn is the place to be in New York. But, with an approx. area of 70 mi 2, you may be wondering where exactly is this place to be? Here are a few clues: Its initiation was Daring, it offers the Ultimate, its air is Magnetic, its art de vivre Blissful, and it inspires Obsession. Got it?

For those who are not well versed in the art of decoding, then we'll give you another hint: it’s Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. That's where you'll find DUMBO (ahhh), a bite-sized industrial neighborhood on the East River Waterfront, the first stop off the bridge, that’s developing into a paradise for the casual urbanite who enjoys the finer things in life.

D for Daring

Leave it to the avant-garde artists who Dared to rebrand this old shipping station and its 40 blocks of factories, warehouses, and dock storehouses. This project, first inspired by the bohemian spirit, was continued by visionary real estate developers, resulting in the perfect mix of Manhattan’s sleek condos and Brooklyn’s warm brownstones. We couldn’t help but wonder if the luxury loft was invented in Dumbo, seeing as how the neighborhood has certainly perfected it.

Even more, the expansive industrial spaces have been repurposed into chic studios, galleries, and theaters like St. Ann’s Warehouse, where we go to see the performing arts on nights we do not feel like getting dressed up to go to the Metropolitan Opera. Besides, where else can you enjoy your favorite band on a floating concert hall? For now, just Bargemusic in Dumbo.

U for Ultimate

Dumbo provides its goers with the Ultimate quality of life, in all senses. To live, the glassy riverfront high-rises are both modern and state-of-the-art, boasting some of the most beautiful views of Manhattan’s skyline. To shop, we love the mixture of high-end and independent shops and boutiques sprinkled throughout for high-quality artisanal goods. And to eat, you’ll find restaurants along the promenade that are classy and upscale. Our favorite is the River Cafe, an unmissable dining experience on the famous Fulton Landing. You’ll also notice long lines stretching out of the legendary Grimaldi’s pizzeria, celebrated for its signature NY slice of unmatched quality. And finally, to satisfy the sweet tooth, only the creme de la creme: the sensational creations of Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop or Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, which is set in a charming old lighthouse.

M for Magnetic

Not only that, also for Movement, even Migration, as Dumbo’s irresistible charm has attracted the most devoted Manhattanites, professionals from a diverse set of industries, families and singles who are looking for a slightly less hectic but just as exciting lifestyle.

Dumbo has also become a significant tech hub, hosting more tech firms than any other neighborhood in New York! From start-ups and trendy coworking spaces to colossal companies like Etsy, whose headquarters has taken over a 9-story warehouse in the Watchtower complex. By the way, the complex is also on its way to being developed into swanky offices and commercial space … we do promise tips.

B for Blissful

Blissful and Beautiful. Dumbo is a 32-acre haven full of picturesque, cobblestone streets and idyllic greens spaces waiting for you and the family to explore. In may be small but there is no shortage of activities in the immense Brooklyn Bridge Park. Our summer program is: concerts, movie screenings under the stars, and tasting all the various and delicious food vendors. Still, our year-round program looks something like this: many go-rounds on Jane’s Carousel, which is fabulously encased in a glass box designed by the award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel, and of course many moments losing ourselves in the superb panorama of the Statue of Liberty and the bridges that light up the night sky.

O for Obsession

In short, Dumbo has become our little (maybe big, but healthy) obsession. But it’s not just us! All who step onto its cobblestoned streets almost immediately start planning their next project to buy, rent, or invest in Dumbo before it’s too late.

Your mind is made, you’re moving to Dumbo if …

  1. You are an innovator at heart
  2. Google, Facebook? You have the next big idea in mind, waiting to be realized
  3. There’s no better view of Manhattan than from outside Manhattan

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