The most beautiful neighborhoods in Manhattan

Considering the charming streets of Greenwich Village, the design of Tribeca’s lofts, the trendiness of the Meatpacking District, the tranquility of the Upper West Side, the discreet opulence of the Upper East side, and the exhilaration of Chelsea, Manhattan has a little of everything, and all at the same time.

Upper East Side

To truly live the Manhattan lifestyle and its culture, with its Museum Mile and, the unmissable MET, the Upper East Side encapsulates the discreet luxury and legacy of significant New York families.

Here, nothing is ever out of place, so a good night rest is never a problem.The neighborhood is reputed for its superb Brownstones, its top of the line clothing stores, its luxury malls, and its large avenues lined by trees and chic restaurants.

Good news, you move! Yes, but only if ...

  1. Your parents, your grandparents and even your great-grandparents live, or have lived, there
  2. You are 50+ years old (or currently exhausted)
  3. You can only tolerate low decibels

Manhattan has a little of everything, and all at the same time.

Upper West Side

In the north-west corner of Manhattan, bordered by Central Park, and right next to the Hudson River, the neighborhood of the Upper West Side consists of calm, yet opulent lifestyle wrapped in serene greenery. The remarkable Brownstones and old buildings line the large pavements and the UWS, for the insiders, ensure an excellent safety reputation. As the setting of many films, such as Ghostbusters and legendary West Side Story, the neighborhood is home to the enchanting American Museum of Natural History, as well as many theaters and museums. To the west of Central Park, you’ll find the true treasures of NYC real-estate, the most expensive and gorgeous materials with prestigious buildings such as the Dakota, where John Lennon and Lauren Bacall have lived. Even in education, the UWS stands out for its prestigious universities, including Trinity School and Columbia University.

The UWS is for you if ...

  1. You like the old, yet classic, beautiful buildings
  2. Your budget is a number that has 7 or 8 digits
  3. You have at least 2 children, a big family, and many friends who would love to visit you in the UWS

Chelsea – Meatpacking

Vibrant, eclectic, artistic, and completely unique, Chelsea is truly the place for the privileged life in the heart of Manhattan. Its location is central, very well connected and meets with the High Line, the slightly elevated park born on an old railway track, where you’ll find Sunday runners and families with strollers coming back from the famous Chelsea Market. It must be said that the environment is notably green, tranquil even, and that the red brick townhouses and luxurious condos overlooking either the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty add to its captivating portrait. If you like a constant and broad stream of art, Chelsea will have all you need: with more than 200 galleries, the area has become an international benchmark for contemporary art.

If you’re both an art lover and party animal, lookup 27th street (and above) for an endless amount of bars and mega-clubs. Here, you’ll find the infamous Meatpacking District, one of the most fashionable places in Manhattan. Formerly a district full of slaughterhouses and factories, the area is now free from its bad reputation and has become the meeting place of the chic and trendy youth of New York City. With spas for dogs, luxury hotels with extraordinary rooftops, everything is possible in the Meatpacking District.

You will love living in Chelsea if ...

  1. You are trendy
  2. You are trendier
  3. You are the trendiest

West Village

If you have a few million on hand, the West Village neighborhood is a safe bet for your complete satisfaction, whether it is to live (keep in mind that you may cross paths with Sarah Jessica Parker or get to admire the gleaming smile of Jim Carrey), or to invest in the beautiful townhouses so typical to the area. You’ll love the streets of the West Village, where bohemian style still hovers, and the lively sidewalk cafes that smell of fresh Cappuccinos; not to mention an exclusive variety of boutiques. The area hosts a population of rather young people (40 and under) who love a comfortable lifestyle, like walking to the Hudson River Park and the High Line for green cravings, as well as strolling to the Whitney Museum of American Art for their cultural appetite. Average prices in this neighborhood are around 1.2 million dollars, but some town-homes are worth so much more, way more.

Move to the West Village if ...

  1. You prefer charming brownstones to modern apartments
  2. You're 38 years and in your prime
  3. You believe a classic has no age

Soho – Nolita – Greenwich Village

Trendy is the word that sticks to the skin of Soho and its surroundings. Once known as the “artists’ corner”, SoHo (SOuth of HOuston Street for those unaware) inherited designer shops that line shady streets, including Bleeker Street, well-known for its fashionistas. The cozy coffee shops and trendy restaurants also occupy each (centi) meter sidewalk are pricey, very very pricey.

Contemporary lofts and studios of popular artists flourished in the once deserted tall and ancient buildings of iron and brick. These architectural renewals, including the renovations to the Puck Building, have had remarkable results, so much so that Soho is on the National Register of Historic Sites. A few buildings away, rest the magnificent dominion of New York City University in Greenwich Village. Annually, it hosts about 50, 000 students and its library is filled with over 12 million books!

This is the place to live if ...

  1. You dream of having all shops at your doorsteps
  2. Looking for a maximum of 3 rooms (the closet counts double)
  3. You love cast iron


Once upon a time, there was a very long and lonely corner of Manhattan, inhabited only by manufactures and food factories. Tribeca, the neighbor above Soho, has since completely revamped and therefore, the splendid architectural lofts and apartments with large windows and new luxury condominiums at Battery, Park New York, consisting of the bay have replaced the sad old factories. Top of the line celebrities now live there: you can cross Meryl Streep while you walk Bichon, even Jay-Z during your morning run. OR, if you’re the outgoing type, you might find yourself singing along with Taylor Swift, or debating about global warming with Leonardo di Caprio.

The children are welcome too! All the proof resides in the Blue School, the most prestigious of all New York and located within a few blocks of buildings. Accompanying the $40,000 a year (the price of an Ivy League), the elite education of its professors will be sure to shape your 3 and ½-year-old child into a future world leader …

Tribeca is for you if ...

  1. You love cast iron (like in Soho)
  2. You have a preference for open spaces (like in SoHo)
  3. But you don't want to live in Soho

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