At the Ralph Lauren jazz club

For want of an in-person show, the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection from Ralph Lauren took the form of a shimmering, elegant and VIP jazz concert.

It’s become a new trend in the fashion world - deprived of physical show attended by fans, the big brands are moving into the digital sphere with increasing sophistication with each new season. To the delight of us all. And it has to be said that Ralph Lauren has brought a touch of panache – once again – to the table that sets the brand head and shoulders above the rest.

This time we are immersed in an appropriately classic jazz club for a private concert by singer and actress Janelle Monáe streamed from the legendary store in Beverly Hills (*). The opening act consists of a 3-minute catwalk from the models of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The illusion is so convincing, you truly feel as though you’ve been transported into a black and white scene from Rick’s Café in the film Casablanca:

This openly retro collection contains an array of nods to the Bogart-Bergman duo, with the Art Deco dress for her and dinner jacket/sport coat for him, as well as an excursion to the Hitchcock version of the French Riviera in pursuit of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

My designs have always been about creating a world that is beyond fashion, a world of romance and timeless sophistication”, says Ralph Lauren. This season, my collections for both women and men intertwine those feelings and express a personal style that is modern and enduring”. And who are we to contradict!

You may have noticed (or perhaps not), that in the wake of the disruptions of the past year, whereas fashion shows were previously often presented six months ahead of the season in question, they have now taken on a ‘see now buy now’ trend. Which is why Ralph Lauren is unveiling his Spring/Summer 2021 collection at the start of April, in other words, in real time. Which ultimately makes sense!

(*) Because we love to spoil you here at SoBARNES, follow this link to discover the divine Beverly Hills store via a virtual tour. You can even do your online shopping to the sounds of the highlights from Janelle Monáe’s performance. When it comes down to it, do you really miss the fashion shows of the past after all?


Infos :

Pictures courtesy @Ralph Lauren


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