A peak inside Louboutin’s digital plane

Unable to present his latest collections in a conventional fashion show, Christian Louboutin invited us aboard the inaugural flight of his interactive and totally crazy aircraft. Welcome to the world of Loubi Airways!

“Passengers on flight CL1191 to Loubiville are asked to proceed to the boarding gates...” Let’s not beat around the bush here: we are huge fans of this immersive digital event created by Christian Louboutin. So what if he can’t present his autumn-winter 2021 women's and menswear collections in a fashion show—they’ll just have to be unveiled on Loubi Airways's maiden flight instead! Combining real-life and computer-generated images, the experience begins in the departure lounge of an airport that appears to be stuck somewhere between the 60s and the 90s, with a copy of the Loubi Times in-hand (if you’re going to launch a concept, you might as well do it properly!).

Once you’ve cleared security (and the X-ray scanner has revealed the contents of the pilot's giant Kypipouch), it's time to climb aboard the Loubiplane and experience the nine interactive animations introducing the key themes of the collection.

From the safety video to the card slipped into the seat pocket in front of you, complete with style tips on the season's sandals, boots and loafers, this quirky, brazenly sassy and, needless to say, 100% SoBARNES concept is, quite frankly, ticking all the boxes so far.

The trolleys may not be carrying any alcohol or duty-free cigarettes, but they do hold the label’s latest fragrance and lipstick collections, while its new diamante heels, featuring a combination of brightly coloured retro styling and a gingham motif, are tucked away in the overhead lockers. One last drink before landing, perhaps? Head to the bar at the rear of the plane and check out the exclusive print that inspired this season's Caracaba bag!

If you’d like to prolong the enjoyment for a little while longer, you’ll find a playlist by Christian Louboutin featuring everything from Mika to Prince via Tina Turner, David Bowie, Diana Ross and Sylvester available in the lounge (and on Spotify).

And because we're among friends, here, why not end the flight with a SoBARNESpedia fact: you've probably been wondering since boarding whether the airport in the introductory video actually exists. The answer is ‘yes’, it does. The video was filmed at the TWA Flight Center at New York’s JFK airport, a terminal designed in the 1960s by architect Eero Saarinen and converted into a hotel in 2019.



Infos : Christianlouboutin.com

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