Pantheone: the beauty of sound

A newcomer to the world of high-end audio speakers, the Australian Pantheone sets its great ambitions behind a design that openly flirts with contemporary art.

Designer audio speakers are not a new concept. B&O has been making them as their flagship products since the 1980s. But the digital revolution in sound we’ve been experiencing ever since the advent of the iPod has profoundly changed our relationship to music. We now live in a culture of the moment, we listen to (or “consume”) music anytime and anywhere. So let's welcome the arrival of a newcomer to the high-end speaker market: the Australian brand Pantheone Audio, founded by Oren Adani. To create his first baby, Pantheone I, he surrounded himself with a team of international experts - designers, art directors, and engineers - all sharing a singular ambition: to give birth to a speaker "as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to, an object that would elegantly take its place in a home as well as in an art gallery, while offering impeccable acoustics". And now, after over four years of research and development – mission accomplished. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 (the holy grail in this field!), the symmetrical and curved design of Pantheone I speaker evokes a contemporary sculpture, at once present and invisible. And as you might have guessed, its name derives from the Pantheon in Rome, from which its geometry is inspired.

Available in black or white, its structure is made from a single piece of high density resin, then hand polished to guarantee perfect curves. Its size and weight (25 kg!) deliver a remarkable sound.

The hand-crafted design of the Pantheone I delivers high-resolution sound thanks to its two woofers, two Hi-Fi mid-range speakers and four tweeters (*), which ensure a 360-degree diffusion of clear stereo sound. The application available on iOS and Android allows users to control the system via their smartphones or tablets and access their usual streaming services with a single click.

And of course, the SoBARNES detail that ups the game: The Pantheone I is the largest Alexa-compatible speaker in the world, so you can control it by voice!

Online ordering exclusively (for the moment!) at Pantheone Audio - Price: 2,399 €

(*) Well, you know we have to talk a little bit about the technology: Pantheone I embeds 2 x 165 mm subwoofers with high elongation design, 2 x 100 mm hi-fi mid-range speakers with treated paper cone, 4 x 20 mm tweeters with silk dome / class D high-output amplifier of 2 x 130 W for the subwoofer, and 2 x 70 W for the midrange/tweeter. Now you won't say you didn't know about it.




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