Buy Catherine Deneuve’s shoes at auction

Until 14 September, Artcurial is offering for auction nearly 125 pairs of Catherine Deneuve’s shoes and donating all the profits to the Restos du Cœur organisation. Shoes signed by some of the biggest Parisian fashion houses and worn by the actress during the highlights of her career. An exercise in style for a good cause, what could be more SoBARNES?

The idea for the auction came from Catherine Deneuve herself. Stilettos, sandals, thigh boots and ankle boots, 125 pairs from the most renowned fashion houses, and taken from her own personal wardrobe, will be displayed online by Artcurial until 14 September. Only shoes worn for major events in her film career, including shoots, press conferences and red carpets...

This selection is just like her, of unequalled elegance”, says Clara Vivien, specialist in the Artcurial Fashion & Luxury Accessories department. “By purchasing a slice of the dream, our clients can thus help those most in need”

World famous for her 130-odd film roles, Catherine Deneuve is a muse for both directors and designers alike. Particularly since Belle de jour (1967) by Luis Buñuel, in which she wears Yves Saint Laurent with Roger Vivier shoes. The film allowed her to establish her beauty as well as her talent and style to become THE archetypal French woman.

Active for several decades in advancing the social struggles close to her heart, Catherine Deneuve wanted to support the Restos du Cœur organisation during the pandemic. She may acknowledge she’s “crazy about shoes!”, but she had no qualms about parting ways with 125 precious pairs by Louboutin, Yves Saint-Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Manolo Blahnik, Prada and Roger Vivier.

The lots are estimated between €30 and €150, but there’s no doubt that some pairs will reach greater heights. Particularly the black patent leather Opyum pumps, Yves Saint-Laurent with structured heels featuring the House's famous intertwined initials (est.: €100/120) and Tribute platform sandals (est.: €80/120), now considered a classic.

And because you’re naturally wondering: depending on the shoes, the sizes range from 37 to 39.5 (that’s right, there’s nothing to stop you wearing them once you’ve bought them!).

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Public exhibition until 13 September – Artcurial, 7, Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris

Online auction until 14 September on


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