Versailles, a village vibe near Paris


Versailles provides a peaceful, elegant setting that is becoming increasingly attractive to young professionals and families. The various neighbourhoods surrounding the Château and its gardens are brought to life by the truly village-like feel of this town of the Sun King. With its many high-end shops and boutiques, great range of cultural and sporting activities, beautiful natural surroundings and prestigious schools, this small provincial town offers a wonderful quality of life, and all just 30 minutes from Paris.

The real estate market

The market here has grown by 28.7% overall in five years and by 32% in the case of older buildings, with the average price now €8,010 per sq.m. The most popular areas are in the centre and near the castle (St Louis, Notre Dame, Les Prés, Ermitage and Montreuil), where prices can reach up to €10,000 per sq m.

Our advice

Aim for the town centre: the areas surrounding the Château, the driving force of the town, for their cultural life and proximity to the park, shops and schools, the Glatigny district for its airy residential spaces and landscaped environment, or the Porchefontaine district, which is close to the station in particular.

Inside tip

Many properties in Versailles are subtly put up for sale without advertising. Please do get in touch and we will see to it that you hear about any exclusive properties we might have that meet your criteria. - Nicolas MOIRIGNOT-Directeur Versailles et Yvelines

Art of living

There is a definite air of pomp to the Versailles lifestyle. Here are the BARNES hot tips.


Théâtre Montansier


@Théâtre Montansier de Versailles

This magnificent Italian-style theatre (opened in 1777), complete with blue seats, plays host to the most famous actors and fledgling young companies alike. November’s unmissable offering will be L'Avare, with costumes by Macha Makeïeff.

13, Rue des Réservoirs 78000 Versailles, France

Grandes Eaux et Jardins Musicaux

Grandes eaux ┬® Cha╠éteau de Versailles

@Château de Versailles

You have until only 30 October 2022 to enjoy the wonderful spectacle that is the Jardins Musicaux et Grandes Eaux Musicales (‘Magical Fountains and Musical Gardens’) display in the gardens and groves of the Château de Versailles.

Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, until 1 October 2022

 Domaine de Madame Elisabeth

Domaine de Madame Elisabeth

@Domaine de Madame Elisabeth

A botanical gem spanning some 7 hectares (over 17 acres) at the heart of Versailles, this floral park is a great place to take a stroll along the orangery, the avenue of lime trees overlooking the Avenue de Paris or the wide, open viewpoints framed by groves.

73 Avenue de Paris 78000 Versailles


Thym et Romarin Versailles

Thym et Romarin Versailles

@Thym et Romarin Versailles

This 150 sq.m (1,615 sq ft) concept store located just a stone’s throw from the Château and the market square takes visitors on a whistle-stop tour of the latest decor trends.

13 Rue de la Paroisse, 78000 Versailles


Gaulupeau Versailles

@Gaulupeau Versailles

This Versailles institution is home to a sophisticated tasting room giving visitors a glimpse into the Gaulupeau family’s know-how and expertise in the fields of pastry-making, confectionery and catering.

Quartier Notre-Dame, 44, Rue de la Paroisse, 78 000 Versailles

Arbre à Pivoines

Arbre à pivoines

@Arbre à pivoines

This floral design workshop is the BARNES Versailles agency’s first port of call when it comes to brightening up its offices.

19 Rue Hoche, 78000 Versailles

The hottest reservations in town

Gordon Ramsey au Trianon

@Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Versailles

The Scottish-born celebrity chef invites guests to sample the delights on offer at the restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria Versailles, where the creative dishes served in this refined setting overlooking the grounds of the Château de Versailles pay tribute to their ingredients and include tartar of venison from local forests, mallard and black fig. A meal to remember.

1 Bd de la Reine, 78000 Versailles

Restaurant of the Airelles Château de Versailles hotel


@Airelles Château de Versailles

If you want to imagine what it was like to be part of the Royal Court (and why wouldn’t you?), then why not spend the evening chez Alain Ducasse at Le Grand Contrôle, at the heart of the Château de Versailles, where the menu is inspired by the favourite dishes of the Sun King himself.

12 Rue de l'Indépendance Américaine, 78000 Versailles


This gourmet restaurant offers a unique blind tasting menu that changes seasonally and according to the whims and inspiration of celebrity chef (Top Chef 2016 winner) Xavier Pincemin. An unmissable treat for the taste buds.

10 Boulevard du Roi, 78000 Versailles

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