The splendours of the Basque Coast

A 120 sq.m contemporary house perched over the ocean in Bidart, another, larger (400 sq.m) contemporary house affording 360° views over La Rhune moutain and the Pyrenees, a 235 sq.m villa in the centre of Hossegor with the lake forming the horizon, or a 360 sq.m custom house with two swimming pools in a residential neighbourhood of Saint-Jean-de-Luz... you have to admit, the Basque Coast will leave you spoiled for choice! SoBARNES takes you on a tour of these dream properties currently listed for sale:

2020 may have knocked the wind out of the economy, but luxury real estate has resisted. Not only that, it has gained ground, confirming its status as a safe haven. “The premium market on the Basque and Landes coasts has historically been fuelled by secondary residences, with people buying holiday homes and apartments”, says Philippe Thomine-Desmazures, Associate Director of BARNES Côte Basque. “But lockdown has refocused people’s priorities, placing the accent on raising a family in a healthy environment, with an exterior and with access to all conveniences on foot, far from the toils of public transport and traffic jams. A few return trips by train or plane combined with telework are allowing a large number of buyers coordinate their professional activity and their new lifestyle”.

The result? The 3 BARNES offices in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz and Hossegor have recorded a 57% increase in the number of sales since the start of 2020. “We are seeing the famous glass ceiling for the price of transactions continue to climb ever higher, with a record of €40,000/sq.m reached for a 200 sq.m apartment!”, adds Philippe Thomine-Desmazures.

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