Forte dei Marmi: the dolce vita in Tuscany

Having been unable to travel last summer, Europeans are rediscovering one of the great attractions of the Italian coast, Forte dei Marmi. Popular with the Florentine and Milanese aristocracy since the 18th century this chic seaside resort on the Tyrrhenian Sea now attracts entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, sports celebrities and show business names in search of a luxurious yet relaxed family holiday.

Renowned for its many private beaches, its gourmet restaurants, its art galleries and its clubs, including the Capannina Franceschi, the hip nightclub of the 60s-70s, Forte dei Marmi has placed the emphasis on safety and compliance with health standards since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in order to maintain its aura. The result: its luxury property market has calmly maintained its solidity and high prices. Elena Kuznezova, BARNES Forte dei Marmi, gives us her insight.

How do you explain this infatuation with Forte dei Marmi?

Elena Kuznezova: First of all, we are in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany, that is to say a dream destination for lovers of art, history, gastronomy, wine and architecture... Secondly, Forte dei Marmi itself is truly captivating with its long sandy beaches and its hinterland rising from the low hills to the Alps. And we’re just a few miles from Carrara, where Michelangelo once sourced his marble! Lastly, Forte dei Marmi offers a unique mixture of restaurants, art galleries, museums, magnificent private residences and luxury boutiques and hotels, all set between the sea and the mountains in a glamorous yet unpretentious atmosphere. The bike is king here, notably thanks to the cycle paths running along the coastline.

What about leisure activities?

In addition to water sports and golfing, many villages in the low mountains are coveted as excursion destinations. And the port of La Spezia, the starting point for cruises to the world-famous Cinque Terre, is just 40 minutes north of Forte dei Marmi.

Tell us about your real estate clientèle

Whether they come from Milan or Florence, the clientèle is composed of families of entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers, or couples, sometimes elderly, who appreciate the peace and quiet and the safety as much as the social life and festive atmosphere. Buying or renting in Forte dei Marmi means immersing yourself in the ultimate in elegance and exclusivity on the Tuscan coast, but also being able to enjoy a unique lifestyle, and an artistic and cultural scene that can be shared from one generation to another. It’s a big hit with families with children! At the same time, we see visitors arriving from across Europe, the US, the Middle-East and South America year after year, even in 2020. They start off staying at a hotel, then rent a villa, and often end up buying. I think it’s hard to resist the charm of Forte dei Marmi…

Which properties are most in demand? And in which neighbourhoods?

Villas with beautiful gardens and a pool in Forte dei Marmi itself. On the hillsides, people tend towards residences with panoramic views of the sea and the mountains. As for the neighbourhoods, Rome Impériale is hands down the most exclusive area. It’s where the oldest entrepreneurial families owned and still own houses today, on large plots with pine forests. The neighbourhood is primarily residential, and is home to the most luxurious hotels in Forte dei Marmi. Another popular area is Vittoria Apuana, for its recent and more modern constructions in particular. Not to mention the neighbouring town of Pietrasanta, considered the region’s artistic hub with its world-class art galleries, its craftsmen and its exhibition centres, all in an incredible setting that alternates between plains and hills.

What is the price range in the luxury segment?

You can rent a luxury villa from upwards of €50,000 per month. A small house will sell from €2 million, compared to €4 million to €5 million for a stunning villa with a pool. For large properties, there’s no limit.


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