Midway between the Panthéon and the Jardin du Luxembourg, in Paris

Certain things never change, in Paris. Starting with the Panthéon district which has retained a family charm unlike any other over the generations. This is reflected in the apartments that once made up a townhouse of elegant construction, now offered for sale by BARNES Panthéon.

PARIS –  Just as you can’t be for the Beatles AND the Rolling Stones, you can’t be for Paris’s Left Bank AND its Right Bank. You have to choose. Except that in this case, it would be a hard task not to succumb to this district’s charms. It is probably what the Left Bank has to offer at its most authentic: at 8 Rue Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (5th arrondissement), between the Panthéon, the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Sorbonne, Place de la Contrescarpe and Rue Gay-Lussac, BARNES Panthéon is listing 5 apartments for sale in a 6-storey period townhouse as the sole agent.

With an elegant dressed stone façade giving onto the street, this building built in 1910 by architect Henry Guédy still boasts exceptional original decorative elements (wood panelling, marouflaged panels and paintings). Sold for between €766,000 and €3,895,000, the 5 apartments (a 225 sq.m or 2,422 sq ft duplex on the noble floors, a 112 sq.m or 1,205 sq ft apartment with a 10 sq.m or 108 sq ft terrace, a 110 sq.m or 1,184 sq ft apartment, a 50 sq.m or 538 sq ft apartment and a bright 45 sq.m or 484 sq ft apartment under the eaves), are in perfect condition and are waiting to write a new chapter in Parisian life with their future owners.

8 Rue Pierre-et-Marie-Curie combines the bohemian Saint-Germain neighbourhood, the rebellious spirit of the Sorbonne, the power centre of the Sénat and the quiet bourgeoisie ambiance of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Julien Meguidech, Director of BARNES Panthéon, admits to being an unconditional lover of this picture-postcard Paris, where each district is like a small village with its shops, its guilds and its traditions. “Apart from the fact that they are truly magnificent and above all bright, these apartments all have the feel of a family home," explains Julien. “They tell a story that simply doesn't exist anywhere else.

What more is there to add? Perhaps this declaration of love signed by Victor Hugo:

A breath of Paris preserves the soul...

And if the great writer said it, it must be true.

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BARNES Panthéon, 15, rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris

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