A family getaway to Trouville-sur-Mer

Seasonal Rental: From €3,000
Bags packed. Van loaded. Seat belts on. Foot on the pedal.

No, you are not fleeing the scene of a heist. Rather, it is the beginning of a beautiful vacation, one you have been meticulously planning with you BARNES consultant.

Anticipation is at its height, and you are finally en route to a tranquil enclave in the center of Trouville, not far from the historic Pont des Beleges. Arrangements have been made for you and your energetic family of 6 to stay at a magnificent Anglo-Norman villa with a traditional charm and modern comfort.

On the drive you, you take peek at the rearview mirror and imagine the smiles on your little one’s faces as they chase butterflies in the garden and make sea castles at the nearby beach. You think about the moments of quiet you’ll enjoy, catching up on contemporary literature in the study and romantic evenings (after the kids are asleep, of course) with your other half before the fireplace.

Interrupted, “Are we there yet?” You remembered, after all, for them the road trip is half the adventure. You reply, "Let the fun begin."

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