BARNES Deauville

BARNES Deauville

A vacation home in Deauville, a seaside property in Normandy, a luxury apartment on Les Planches … The best real estate in Deauville by BARNES Deauville.

The BARNES Deauville agency accompanies you throughout your real estate project, acquisition or sale.

The goal of BARNES Deauville's team is to find the property that corresponds to your criteria while meeting your budget. BARNES selects the best luxury properties for your search.

Deauville according to BARNES ...

Luxury real estate market in Deauville

A popular seaside resort just 2 hours from Paris, Deauville has become synonymous with elegance. Interest from both Parisian and international clients is igniting demand in a market where supply is significantly developing. Our clients benefit from a selection of ideally located, beautiful properties with sea views.

Life in Deauville

On weekends, residents brunch at the Normandy, a seafood platter at the Central or at the Vapeurs, a walk on the banks, a gallop on the beach in the early morning, an afternoon on a sailboat or a swim. In the countryside or by the sea, strolling on foot or horseback is a delight for lovers of nature. Shopping, casinos, races and horse shows are other amenities offered by the Norman lifestyle.

Our favorite neighborhoods in Deauville

The Triangle d'Or for its centrality and proximity to luxury boutiques and good restaurants. The seafront for its charm and its view.

Our favorite places in Deauville

Les Planches for its beautiful promenade.

Deauville in 3 words

Prestige, charm, and elegance.

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