A true story of Louveciennes

This former early 19th century coaching inn, listed for sale by BARNES Yvelines, is filled with memories. Set between the River Seine and the forest, it simply radiates charm.

Some places seem to have their own special atmosphere, that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes you feel at home right away. Imagine a coaching inn built in 1820 at the entrance to the Domaine de Marly, where the eponymous château once stood that served as Louis XIV’s inspiration for Versailles. Paris is just twenty minutes away, yet it feels so distant. Peace and tranquillity reign supreme here, alongside the soothing silence and sunlight. We are in Louveciennes (Yvelines), a discreet yet elegant commune, a well-kept secret known only to insiders.


This was where the horses lived when the coaching inn was in operation. Under the same roof as their masters, pacing the same paved ground still visible today. Which is what gives this 2,690 sq ft house its character, as well as its large openings. And just wait till you see inside... Its garden in bloom year-round and its wrought-iron greenhouse are a sight for sore eyes, but the greatest delight of all is perhaps the almost exclusive use of the 7.5 acres of communal grounds leading to the centre of Louveciennes and its shops. All just on the other side of the gate!

A king, painters, a novelist, and then there’s me

It goes without saying that this preserved site, just yards from the aqueduct commissioned by the Sun King to irrigate Versailles, classed as a historic monument, will not be changing its appearance any time soon. But that’s just as well, because the past can be felt throughout these lands. The Impressionists, led by Pissarro and Sisley, venerated these hillsides once covered in vines. A century later, in the 60s, everybody who was anybody in Paris came to this property at that time owned by a legendary media mogul. And its walls still hold the memories of the young novelist who made a name for herself with Hello Sadness...

Is it a family home, you ask? Without a doubt, thanks to its 5 bedrooms and its independent 430 sq ft studio apartment. In any case, it is a haven of peace in these troubled times that is waiting patiently for a new chapter in its story. One that has its roots in History.

This property is listed by BARNES Yvelines (sole agent) at €1.59 million.

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BARNES Yvelines, 48 avenue Jean-Baptiste-Clément, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt FRANCE

Tél. : +33 (0)1 55 61 92 88 / Barnes-Yvelines.com

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